10.9 weekly meeting of OPEC crude oil’s trial, dark silver Sina usher in non-agricultural opportunities for hunters fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The ancients said: the success of three days, Austria, and. Want to make money in investment also need three things: a good platform, a good teacher, a good state of mind, have these three kind of worry in the investment can’t make money. And you have been a loss is why, perhaps because your teacher is not correct. So, all investors need a good teacher a professional team to guide. The oil market will usher in a super week next week, OPEC and non OPEC producers is scheduled to be held on October 8-13 informal meetings to discuss the implementation of the agreement to cut output; in addition, IEA, EIA and OPEC will be released monthly. U.S. payrolls and unemployment in September were lower than expected on Friday. At the same time, given the Fed’s next policy meeting with the presidential election is only a week away, so there is the Fed news agency, said Heesen Larter believes that in November it is impossible to raise interest rates. Crude oil, after breaking through the $50 mark on Thursday, up to $50.74 on Friday, but the rally may not stand firm, making profits overnight oil prices plunged. Crude oil daily, early Friday evening for seven with Yang, Yin. Now the weekly closing line is also good, but the daily operation difficult, must follow the daily use of the 51 area before bearish, high resistance to air, behind the weekly adjustment in place to do more, to form five days ahead of last week, all stepped back up, but Friday fell no longer strong form destroyed the cause at the beginning of the week, so the crude oil at the beginning of the week bearish, good luck may lead to a substantial adjustment, amplitude problem behind us step by step to follow up, short-term support below $49 to see. Next Monday, U.S. crude oil operation strategy: 1, below $49.8-50 short, target near $49, $0.3 Powei holds, stop; 2, 49.2-49.3 near Qingcang more, stop 48.8, near the target 49.8; Baiyin, Friday’s non farm payrolls slightly bullish, the data makes data came out with the trend, the trend is bearish last night the silver do not go up, but behind the Fed rate hike is expected to continue to heat up help silver fell again. At present, the technical point of view to see the bottom of the market demand rebound, the lower support is relatively strong, then the market next week to see the shock, short-term rebound in the lack of kinetic energy. So many goals do not look too large, such as multi strength intervention or exposed major good news to homeopathy. Fundamentals can not get to improve the market will continue to try to break the support, so the operation is still based on the high altitude, supplemented by a large number of low. Now the weekly press silver is also strong, also need one or two weeks to go, short-term homeopathic short, medium and long term paper silver I in the 16.5-17 area to buy buying heavily loaded, the second half not, wait for the rise in the number of money can be eleven, over 20 of the city相关的主题文章: