11 year old boy unfinished summer homework was jumped from the 5 floor fall – Beijing Times News criticized JINGWAH mother (reporter Fan Rui) 4 at 25 am, a district in Fengtai District, 11 year old boy Sheng Sheng (a pseudonym) injured jumped from 5 floors, is now out of danger. It is reported that the night before the incident, due to the completion of the summer homework unfinished mother criticized. Witnesses Chen recalled, August 25th at 4 in the morning, he was sleeping, was suddenly awakened by a loud noise. He ran to the balcony and saw a boy lying on the concrete floor in front of the door. Mr. Chen came up to see, is the upstairs tenants sheng. He immediately called the alarm call, Sheng was sent to children’s hospital. The boy’s grandfather Mr. Sheng said in an interview, Sheng Sheng 11 years old this year, the school is about to attend the first day. The night before the incident more than 8 points, Sheng’s mother in the examination of the summer homework to the child found that there are a lot of homework did not do. Mother asked Sheng Sheng why not work well, "he was a bit unhappy, then go to bed bath at night, did not see what his strong reaction." Until the second day in the morning more than 4, the neighbors upstairs knock on the door, the family knew the child jumped from the upstairs. Mr. Sheng, who lives on the 5 floor, he piled up in the debris on the balcony to see a stool, balcony windows were also opened half, from the balcony to see him lying on the ground, I was scared". It is reported that Sheng Sheng childhood living with his mother in Grandpa, introverted child does not love to talk, Sheng Sheng now in rebellion. Mr. Sheng also admitted that the family is more stringent requirements. Reporters learned yesterday afternoon, at present, Sheng is still in hospital for treatment, has been out of danger. In related news 17 year old boy with his father left home after an argument, JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) 17 year old boy and father quarrel after eating more than and 40 painkillers after running away from home. 2 at 26 am, the Beijing West Railway Station police station after find a small high, in recognition of small high no danger after notice of its parents brought him home. 2 at 26 am, the Beijing West Railway Station police station received a Columbia police, said he had just sent a teenage boy to the Beijing West Railway Station South Square, the boy in the car out and said to eat more than and 40 pills. The brother worried that the boy might have dangerous life, please help the police to find the boy, more than the police immediately set out looking for traces of the boy. 15 minutes later, police on duty Zhang Chen found the boy in the South and the ticket office window. At first, the boy did not want to talk to the police, the mood is extremely low. After the police patiently to persuade the boy surnamed Gao, 17 years old this year, Hebei Province, Handan. He ran away from home after taking 40 painkillers with his father. Police immediately contact 120 emergency personnel to carry out inspections to confirm that the body is not a small high. The police to buy food and water to the boy, and a call to the police station to pick up the guardian. At 7:30 in the morning, a small high family arrived from Handan station police station. Small high father introduced, small high now no school, home difficulties, he asked to go out to work,.相关的主题文章: