1135 cottage community was exposed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs continues to be the majority of activities – recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the official website of the eleventh batch of cottage societies, offshore community list, a total of 51 communities in which. Up to now, there have been a total of 1135 cottage societies, offshore community was informed by the Ministry of civil affairs. JINGWAH Times reporter combing found that despite repeated reports, but most of the cottage community is still in a variety of ways to continue activities. "Invisibility" could not find the China health food association in the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the latest batch of copycat association list, ranked first in the Chinese health food association, the name of the association and formal associations "Chinese nutrition health food association" name is close, confusing. Reporters on the official website of the association organization, claiming to be "industry by Chinese mechanism has the representative of the food industry in large and medium-sized enterprises and food science and Nutritional Engineering, pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine as the core component of the ordinary consumers. The association is a national social organization approved and registered by the state". In addition to self introduction is bluffing, association’s production is also quite good, with a detailed guide for membership and other information, but unlike the normal society, in a large section of the association of long text, always did not mention whether the association on the basis of "societies Registration Ordinance" in the Civil Affairs Department approval of establishment etc.. Reporter noted that, despite appearing in the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced copycat association list, the organization’s official website is still in the update, an update of recent shows for August 25th, released a called "Tengjia material meeting Chinese chief representative of United Nations project department Luo Rang" news. According to the official website of the association, the association has two offices in Beijing headquarters and membership. According to the official website describes the association address, JINGWAH Times reporter first came to the association in Andingmen Street "headquarters", but look for several times, has not found the name "China Health Food Association unit office, near the building staff said, never heard of such a unit said nearby. Subsequently, the reporter came to a building located in the Canton Road, according to the official website of the introduction, the association’s address is located in the Department of a building 6. But the reporter came to the building, looking for the entire 6, has not seen the shadow of the association, in the first floor of the hall floor index, there is no Chinese health food association name. Building 6 floor, a staff member said, never seen this unit. Reporters call the official website of the association on the phone, no one answered. "Most organizations rely on money making operation copycat collect dues profit appear in the list of exposure of copycat societies, in the name of most extremely and registered in the Civil Affairs Department of the regular community is similar, only a few words change, some even with the regular community exactly the same name, such as" China copycat community Photographers Association "and" domestic legal community Chinese the photographers’ Association ", almost makes it difficult to distinguish. In addition, the name of a lot of cottage societies are dubbed China, international, global and other sounds very high-end word Ning相关的主题文章: