155 leading cadres of discipline violations were informed of the "number one" super high pressure 2 3- in Beijing, who are violating discipline? During the festival, "four winds" prone to hair, what are the most prominent problems? …… In September 3, 2013, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice, requirements resolutely stopped during the mid autumn day gift of public funds in April 2014, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of unwholesome tendencies; at the beginning of an important time node, giving names bulletin exposure in violation of the eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problems. Combing the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Website supervision exposure and other columns of information, as of September 30, 2016, about 155 occurred in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day during the two typical problems were exposed. Let us through the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival to report big data, look at the node, correct four winds progress and effectiveness. To be informed of 155 cases of cadres in charge over 23 by combing discipline investigation and exposure, the main discipline as chief of the "leaders" at least 105 people, a total of more than 23. Among them, 102 people were informed of direct discipline, there are 3 people due to subordinate units are subject to disciplinary accountability. In a team, the number one is particularly important, determines the political ecology of a place or department, must be as the focus of attention. Only the number one look at the leadership of the building, in order to more than the rate, a local and departmental atmosphere can be up. To be informed of cadres mostly from government agencies, "director" and "secretary" "director" had the highest frequency distribution from the field of view, the 155 was informed that the party and government cadres at most, accounting for more than 60%; state-owned enterprises and institutions, ranked second; the village committee, the neighborhood cadres are relatively few. From the departments and the industry, 155 leading cadres were informed, housing, urban management, transportation, health, water, civil affairs and other departments accounted for a large proportion of high frequency director, deputy director, director, secretary, principal, director etc.. General secretary Xi Jinping said: style issues are linked to public and private issues, and public funds, public relations." As the Party cadres, is to serve the people wholeheartedly, is a matter of conscience to struggle for the cause of the party and the people, is to talk about the selfless, selfless, Gongsifenming, put public interests before private ones. If the leading cadres to the opposite, a power, let it idle away in seeking pleasure, to pay for his extravagant pleasures to cope with the price. During the two sessions, the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, illegal to send and receive gifts, illegal use of the bus the most prominent note: 155 people involved in 11 people in violation of a number of provisions at the same time, statistics each included a. From the type of discipline, during the two to the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, illegal to send and receive gifts, illegal use of the bus is the most prominent, the three add up to more than 90%. Someone who means a variety of tricks, more prominent is the emerge in an endless stream, the following types: the abuse of power, making money — by taking effect, accept others’ benefits. For example, Wujiang District, Jiangsu, real estate management office of the housing property registration center Pan Huogen, director of the Department of ()相关的主题文章: