2017 Hebei college entrance examination online registration in November 25th 8 personnel not reported the college entrance examination in 2017 25 this month to sign other children of migrant workers can participate in the college entrance examination in Hebei Hebei News Network (Hebei Daily reporter Zhou Jie) reporter learned from the provincial education examination in November 12th 2017, our province ordinary university enrollment is scheduled for November 25th to December 5th. Candidates online reporting time is from November 25th to 29, the registration information to confirm the time is from December 1st to 5. Before November 19th, the examinee to the designated registration point of qualification examination. Repeated application of other provinces and cities will cancel the registration information in accordance with the provisions of the provinces in the province of migrant workers in the province of migrant children can participate in college entrance examination in our province. I do not require that the province domicile candidates, but these candidates must conform to our province college entrance examination registration conditions, and accept high school education in the parents’ habitual residence, to graduate with two years (inclusive) above continuous school attendance record and enrollment (excluding repeat time after graduating from high school). The examinee in parents’ residence permit where city or county (city) entrance examination institutions designated registration registration, registration to provide proof of student status, high school graduate school issued a continuous learning record, my ID card, parents at and above the county level public employment service agencies to receive the "employment unemployment registration certificate" or "Employment Permit" and in the police station to receive residence permit. As the candidates in the household, repeat to participate in college entrance examination, once verified, will cancel the registration information in our province. College students and other 8 types of personnel shall not apply for the requirements, the 8 types of personnel can not participate in college entrance examination. The 8 groups were: with higher education qualifications of students in Colleges and universities, or has been higher school admission and keep the admission of students; senior middle school non graduating students in senior secondary education; non graduating year to fraud and illegal means to register in the college entrance examination (including the national examination, provincial examination and college entrance examination) organized independently of the graduates; for violation of the provisions of the national education examination, were given pause to participate in college entrance examination treatment and stop period of the staff; because the relevant departments have been violated the criminal law to take coercive measures or in prison; the provinces in the province and the medium occupation school school of the household registration in the province of the graduating students (except the Suiqian children meet the conditions of registration); in other provinces in 2017 College entrance examination registration or to be in the provinces to participate in the ordinary college entrance examination of the staff. The qualification examination of college entrance examination for ID card information collection and registration qualification examination, online reporting, on-site confirmation, qualification examination and registration data verification summary of four stages before November 19th. The examinee in November 19th before the valid certificates or proof to the specified entry point for qualification examination. Have registration through the qualification examination candidates shall, from November 25th to November 29th log provincial education examination website, or through online registration, and complete the online payment registration fee before November 29th. Registration information confirmation and camera time.相关的主题文章: