Home-Based-Business Wait a second, home based entrepreneurs. Isn’t connecting all about being patient? Yes, and no. You can make a quick connection. Maybe you are not best friends over night but making a connection quickly is possible by doing simple little things the masses of online failures miss. The quick private message, addressing your new friend by first name. The Facebook Share of a new friend’s content, the Like, the .ment, on their latest update. Making Facebook connections grows your business fast. More people spreading your word, sharing your content, providing you with helpful insight, more business growth. Intend to make many connections during a normal day to turbo-charge your business results. Home Business Tips Make connections each hour. Reach out. Friend request someone who vibes with your ideals. Send a personalized email to each new friend. Thank them, for connecting with you, and chat them up. Remember, personal, not business. I never send out any information about my cash gifting activity, ever, without being asked first. Poor form, weak pitching is. Make things personal. Down the road, the individual might promote your business for you, or join your team, or refer someone to you, or, they might do none of these things, but they can still be your friend. Cut the strings. Detach from out.es. Personal, not business. 1 – Personal Message Send a personal message to new friends. Address by first name. Keep it casual. This can form a quick bond, because you remember thoughtful, kind people. 2 – Facebook Share Facebook Share recent posts of new friends. Find something which vibes with you. Share. Help someone out. Pay it forward. Prosper. 3 – Like Like a status update of a new friend. Make a positive impression, by giving your new friend propers. 4 – .ment Leave a value packed .ment on a new FB friend’s status update. Add value to the update, be.e valuable in the eyes of friends. Home Business Tips Send personal emails to form a quick bond. Facebook Share top shelf content, giving your new friends props. "Like" updates to give your friends a nice little boost and pen thoughtful .ments to add value to you friend’s stream and your home business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: