51 year old son embrace 82 years old mother chat in the riverside scenery, mother kept me growing up, I hold my mother to the old. Zhang Yongkang said, "everything he does now is what his mother did for him when he was a child.". These days, the 51 year old Jinhua man in Yongkang Zhang Yongkang fire, he felt somewhat unbelievable: just as usual, holding a 82 year old mother in the riverside Laoke, this scene was photographed, also sent to the circle of friends, a time to be a lot of people forwarding. "Son", this is Zhang Yongkang a few days up to hear the words, this is all his. Yesterday, we contacted Zhang Yongkang and listened to the story behind the photograph. The son hugged his mother and chatted beside the river. Some people took photos and made friends. The photographer of the picture was the parents of a friend of Zhang Yongkang. See Zhang Yongkang holding his mother chat in the riverside of Yongkang, the parents are very "envy", casually press this picture, sent to the circle of friends. No one could have thought it could cause such a big response. For this picture, Zhang Yongkang has his own ideas. In 2014, Zhang Yongkang’s mother suffered from cardiovascular diseases. She always liked to lie in bed, bend her legs, and then her legs couldn’t straighten out, and she couldn’t walk. Since then, taking care of her mother has been one of the focuses of Zhang Yongkang’s life. "My mom couldn’t walk, eat food, nor speak." Zhang Yongkang said the only thing he could do was to let the mother lie in his arms, hold her hand, touch more body, "how much can give her a sense of security?"." Walking with her mother to the riverside is what Zhang Yongkang often does. Along the river, he talked to his mother, talking about city changes, talking about work life. Many times, although the mother can only use the softly "ah" and "ah" to respond, but Zhang Yongkang enjoy the delicate emotional blend. "Mom occasionally touches my hand with my thumb." It reminded Zhang Yongkang of his childhood, is lying in the mother’s arms, enjoying the warmth and sense of security to bring back the mother pat. Every morning and evening, mothers and children should be taken care of and moved home. What Zhang Yongkang has done for his mother has long been seen in the eyes of his neighbors. They often see things like this: the son carefully holds his mother down from the four floor, and the nanny follows a chair with a chair behind. Although the elderly weight is very light, but from the four floor to the first floor, the 51 year old son is still breathless. But Zhang Yongkang thought that everything was worth it. After the mother, the hospital several times in critical condition notice, the first time I heard the doctor let oneself prepare for the mother, Zhang Yongkang is ignorant. In March this year, the mother appeared vomiting blood, two white towels were dyed red, Zhang Yongkang is scared shaking, he can only encourage one side: "Mom, you have to be strong, adhere to, listen to the doctor’s words, take good medicine, will soon be discharged."." To his delight, the mother crossed this bridge. This makes Zhang Yongkang more convinced, give mother more companionship and care, than what medicine is used. Today, Zhang Yongkang in postal custody work, every day to inspect the jurisdiction of the 23 outlets, work is not idle, but he always take time to accompany his mother. He even moved from the original satellite road to take care of it"

51岁的儿子怀抱82岁老母亲 在江边聊天看风景母亲养我长大,我抱母亲到老。张永康说,现在自己所做的一切,都是小时候母亲为他做过的。这几天,51岁的金华永康男人张永康火了,他自己却觉得有点不可思议:只不过是跟往常一样,抱着82岁的母亲在江边唠嗑,结果这一幕被人拍下,还发到了朋友圈,一时间被好多人转发。“大孝子”,是这几天张永康听到的最多的词,这是大家对他的评价。昨天,我们联系上了张永康,听他说一说照片背后的故事。儿子抱着母亲在江边聊天有人拍下照片发了朋友圈这张照片的拍摄者,是张永康一位朋友的父母。看张永康抱着母亲在永康江边聊天,这对父母很是“羡慕”,随手就摁下这张照片,发到了朋友圈。谁也没想到,能引起这么大的反响。对于这张照片,张永康却有自己的想法。2014年,张永康的母亲患上了心血管疾病,一开始是总喜欢躺在床上,弯曲着双腿,后来双腿无法伸直,渐渐不能下地走路。从那以后,照顾母亲,就是张永康生活的重心之一。“妈妈不能下地走路,吃不了大鱼大肉,也不能说话。”张永康说,他唯一能做的,就是让母亲躺在怀里,抓着她的手,多一些肢体接触,“多少能给她些安全感。”带着母亲到江边散步,就是张永康常做的事。在江边,他还要不停地和母亲说话,讲讲城市变化、说说工作生活。很多时候,尽管母亲只能用轻声的“嗯”、“呀”来回应,但张永康却享受其中微妙的情感交融。“妈妈偶尔会用拇指摸摸我的手。”这让张永康想起小时候,自己就是这样躺在母亲怀里,享受着母亲轻拍背脊带来的温暖和安全感。上下班都要看母亲一眼为方便照顾还搬了家张永康为母亲所做的事,邻居早就看在眼里。他们常能看到这样的情形:儿子小心翼翼地抱着母亲从四楼下来,保姆拿着一把椅子跟在身后。虽然老人体重很轻,但从四楼抱到一楼, 51岁的儿子还是气喘吁吁。可张永康却觉得,一切都很值得。母亲病后,医院下了多次病危通知,第一次听到医生让自己为母亲准备后事,张永康是懵的。今年三月,母亲出现吐血,把两条白毛巾都染红了,张永康更是吓得浑身发抖,他只能在一旁一个劲地鼓励:“妈妈你要坚强,要坚持,听医生的话好好吃药,很快就能出院了。”让他高兴的是,母亲迈过了这道坎。这让张永康更加坚信,给母亲多一些陪伴和关怀,比吃什么药都管用。如今,张永康在邮政负责保全工作,每天都要巡查所辖的23个网点,工作并不清闲,但他总是要抽出时间陪伴母亲。为了方便照顾,他甚至从原来的卫星路搬到现在的南苑东路。每天上班前,他都先到位于南苑二弄的母亲家中,陪她说说话;晚上下班后,他还是先到母亲家中,有时候只是为了看一眼,“她安心,我也安心。”张永康说,自己做的这一切,不值一提,“因为小时候妈妈就是这样抱着我,现在轮到我抱着她了。”相关的主题文章: