"The appearance of nuclear nuclear": a report from the members of the National Committee of science and technology circles of nuclear power were recorded – energy – people.com.cn Xinhua Shenzhen November 22 Xinhua: "nuclear nuclear appearance": a report from the members of the CPPCC National Committee of science of nuclear power to observe and record the Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Pan overlooking the great island a few hundred meters away, photoelectric and biological materials experts, East China University of Science and Technology, Jinshan Science and Technology Park Management Committee Director of Fujian decided to lead the Blue Wave Bay nuclear power plant staff put forward their own doubts a question: how long do you plant is how to implement security? "I am also engaged in technology research and development, but the observatory, in the field of nuclear power in US and many ordinary people, but also have a smattering of knowledge. I would like to ask people to pay attention to the issue of nuclear power are asked." Lan Minbo said. 19 to 21, a number of science and technology sectors of the CPPCC National Committee members arrived at the Dayawan nuclear power base in Shenzhen to carry out relevant research work. Most of them are engaged in the field of nuclear power outside the work, is the first close contact with nuclear power plants. In the process of "nuclear nuclear appearance", attract scientists attention not only China scale growth, nuclear power technology and security level continued to improve, China’s nuclear power industry "going out" projects and achievements, but also how to better promote the knowledge of nuclear power and reduce public in the presence of "the mere mention of the nuclear talks" mood hot and focus. "As scientists, we are with a harsh even criticaleye nuclear power plant, we hope to see the ‘dry cargo’, see Chinese nuclear power enterprise energy." CPPCC National Committee, Shanghai Univer School of life sciences professor Ji Yonghua said. In the Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Dayawan nuclear power base, members of the CPPCC National Committee saw security measures the tightness, nuclear power plant with fuel cladding, a loop pressure boundary, the containment of three safety barrier, like a Russian doll like layer uponlayer, can prevent multiple threats including aircraft impact, to ensure that nuclear power plants will not cause the impact on the environment. People can see China excellent safety record of nuclear power, to China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group as an example, as the world’s fifth largest nuclear power companies and the largest nuclear power builder, the safe operating performance continues to improve, since 1999, the international competition the same type of nuclear power plant safety performance challenges in France regularly every year in the organization, to obtain a total of 34 Guangdong and first, outstanding; all in the operation of nuclear power group has never been the international nuclear event scale 2 level and above the running event, good safety record. People can see the strict supervision of China’s nuclear power since the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, China’s nuclear power companies to carry out, in the construction of nuclear power plants continue to carry out safety improvements to improve safety levels. China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group to improve operations in the operation of nuclear power plants reached 47, the improvement in the construction of nuclear power plants reached 28, the level of safety of nuclear power plants to further enhance. As an expert in biological science, Fujian blue wave, Dayawan nuclear power base to their most impressive, is a handheld radiation measuring instrument in the hands of the engineer, "go see, all the indicators are in line with national)相关的主题文章: