Gansu county "90" returning "oxherd" neighbors – Beijing rich new network in Lanzhou in August 30, he (Chen Dongping) giving up a good salary for home business, led the villagers together out of poverty; poor households lack of raising funds, he managed to help…… And this is just a microcosm of his help folks. Now, the young 90 leader Zhang Nongchun rich, has become Gansu County Shiguan village in the eyes of genius folks". Shiguan village is one of 102 impoverished county village here, Alexander goushen, traffic inconvenience, special natural conditions, seriously restricting the development of local. But in the Zhang Nongchun work outside but do not like to see opportunities to get rich — cattle, "hardworking folks, lush trees, fertile land, these are the unique natural resources." The 23 year old Zhang Nongchun, in Inner Mongolia to give up decent paying jobs, to begin his breeding dream. But this idea has been firmly opposed to the father, Haruki is also a joke behind him, "now people are working to earn money, and he stayed home to spend money, is really" blind "." This did not allow Zhang to give up the dream of entrepreneurship, but more determined his determination. With his work to earn 10 thousand yuan, bought a second-hand tricycle, Lassa and transport material digging, Zhang Nongchun one built pens, hands raised blisters feet, worn leather, also endure the pain to work. Day after day, initially opposed to the development of his father’s eyes in the eyes of the pain in the heart, his persistent pursuit of the dream and pay finally touched his father. Soon, Zhang Nongchun built a 5 room house with the help of his father, with his back to the savings to buy 3 cows, with their own new homes have 3 head, 6 head of cattle. But everything is not what he imagined so beautiful — to buy cattle and build barns spent all their savings at home, there is a shortage of working capital and culture. In desperation, he took the cattle things to his father, in the village to do unskilled laborer to earn money. The cattle he did not understand technology, will ask the technician of the town, with every little bit technician experience. A year later, the cow was sick what to eat, give an injection of cattle…… Slowly have their own experience. "But these are not enough, and sometimes there is patience and perseverance." Zhang Nongchun said. Personal enrichment is not the goal of Zhang Nongchun, he hopes to bring more people to get rich through their own demonstration. In 2013, Zhang Nongchun and Haruki 5 people set up by Sheng agricultural cattle breeding professional cooperatives, currently has 13 members of the development, which led to 8 poor households, the development of beef cattle breeding of 40 bulls, with "poor households + cooperatives + sales" in the form of membership and the surrounding farmers free of charge to provide technical guidance, production and marketing the development of information services, to help farmers get rich. Haruki Zhang Yonggui is not a poor rich industry, son of congenital mental retardation, old and infirm, Zhang Nongchun put their own breeding cowboy below the market price of 600 yuan to him now that Zhang Yonggui has been the development of aquaculture, 7 cattle, every year there are considerable benefits. Now, in the local official assistance, Zhang Shen has Nongchun)相关的主题文章: