The old man living alone did not sell may be hoarding at work at the end of October, a fire occurred in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai District 19 building two unit fire lives on the two floor of the elderly home, hoarding a lot of waste cardboard, cotton, wire and other items in the home, resulting in a fire after the fire can not be controlled, the unit households windows and house appliances damaged to varying degrees. After the fire, the old man was injured in hospital, the other victims of the loss of the moment no one can compensate. But what is puzzling is that the old man led thousands of yuan of pension, but the day picking up trash in the outside, and not to make money, only to store at home to meet the psychological needs. Reporters found through investigation, the old man living alone is not the case in Yinchuan City, a community found that 7 elderly with garbage storage habits. Safety problems caused by the elderly living alone picking up, has aroused the attention from all walks of life. Deputy Secretary General of Yinchuan City Mental Health Association of Ningxia Medical University, deputy director of the long Second Affiliated Hospital psychiatric physician Shen Zhaohui said, picking up the elderly living alone is a special group, can not be generalized. Some of the old man, is to sell for money, not for hoarding garbage, there may be because the behavior of senile dementia caused by mild, early abnormal, or "mental illness hoarding" etc.. Governance hoarding slowly to correct the "compulsive hoarding", commonly known as "hoarders, patients often show when collecting items including obsessive-compulsive disorder, can not be controlled to buy and collect even theft addiction, or refuse to discard any items such as hoarding. But hoarding and obsessive-compulsive disorder are different, OCD patients will feel pain, hoarders enjoy and look at their hoarding goods feeling. How to do hoarding patients? There is a psychological prescription called "slowly correct". Middle aged and older people because of the more precious things, I think it is a pity to throw away, collecting more and more. Many families will take the blame on the patient’s attitude, which is the most undesirable. Because hoarding disease, especially lonely elderly, often lack of communication with others, the spirit of sustenance in the hoarding of goods. Therefore, only to make them feel loved and cared for, is conducive to promoting their attitude towards the gradual change of goods. To help them develop the habit of disposal without goods, have to do with them as close friends need something with hoarding, can be transferred out, left hand; which areas are short of clothes, a bag in the past; go to the secondary market or city sites second-hand market resale or Charity Supermarket; the society sent to the community by the donor and so on. There is to seek the help of professional psychological counseling staff. If hoarding behavior has seriously affected the relationship with the family, or bring other leisure disturbance, should be promptly to the regular hospital psychological or psychiatric clinic.相关的主题文章: