Alexander · a "left" Dupla [Abstract] Movie Star Wars: a "rumor" music division from the original Alexander · Dupla replaced Mike · Jiya zeno. And Dipura will be Luc · the star agent of the stars: the city of thousands of stars, the soundtrack of "". Alexander · Dupla according to time network reported on September 21st reported by Gareth · jaminEdwards’s highly anticipated film "Star Wars: a biography" will bring music division from the original Alexander · Dupla replaced Mike & middot; Jiya zeno. This sudden decision is rare temporary substitution. It may be because the soundtrack is not consistent with the concept of the film, Disney and the director’s idea is not consistent. In recent years, a lot of big money making can be heard Jiya Kino’s works, such as "Jurassic world", "mind" and the recent team, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars". Alexander · Dupla the famous movie soundtrack master, in recent years to several good art films such as "American Pastoral", "ocean between light" soundtrack, then he will be Weiss · Anderson and Roman Polanski’s · movie soundtrack. This year he won the "big secret" to love music opportunities, and Gia Dhino to the "crazy animal city" composition. Luc · Besson "Star" stills agent Alexander · however, dupraz was not sad to leave, he is waiting for a job with a better future: Luc · Besson’s agent: "Star City" soundtrack thousand stars. The film is adapted from a French comic series published in 1967 "Valerian", and by Dane · DeHaan, Cara ·, Clif · Erwin; DIWA Yi; Rihanna, Ethan, Hawke and John · · Goodman starred in. From the perspective of exposed, Luc · Besson may return to "the fifth element" the realm of science fiction. From the · and Weiss Alexander before Anderson, Stephen; · Fleiss and David · see Finch’s cooperation, this he will be Luc · Besson’s latest masterpiece with perfect music. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: