The public security patrol team after work bar work fighting criminals leave scar (Figure) – Beijing Deng in the area to direct the traffic of Sichuan news network Chengdu news September 28th train station (reporter Zhou Ziming Intern Feng Ling) September 28th, Sichuan news network reporter learned from the Chengdu Railway Police Department, recently, the Chengdu Chengdu Railway Police Department police station a the patrol team Deng Wen, because of his heroic deeds, selected by the CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department, the Central Civilization Office sponsored the "Chinese good list" selection activities. According to reports, the 30 year old Deng Wen, who lives in Chengdu City, Jinniu District Wukuaishi Street jade Temple community bureau. In 2011, with a childhood dream of him from the police, the armed forces after the war, came to Chengdu Chengdu Railway Police Department police station became a patrol team, has engaged in patrol duty, traffic management etc.. In the work, Deng always adhere to the steadfast, conscientious, and strive to maintain a train station area order, and actively provide passenger service. Deng Wenyong criminals left scars on March 27, 2014 at 4 in the morning, after work in the cafe to work in, found a suspect is stealing someone else’s cell phone. He stepped up the hunt, not afraid of dangerous fought the knife wielding bandits, eventually recovered the stolen mobile phone, but his chest and left rib was suspect two knife stab, seriously, after hospital treatment to restore health. Deng Wen’s heroic deeds, caused strong repercussions in the community, has been widely praised. In April 2014, Jinniu District people’s Government awarded him the "courageous advanced individual" title. In August 2014, Deng was named the 2014 annual "ten Taurus man", at the same time by the Chengdu city comprehensive management office, Chengdu City Samaritan foundation joint award. August 2016, Deng Wen was Sichuan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Sichuan Provincial Office of spiritual civilization awarded the Sichuan good title. Recently, he was named the "China good list" selection activities. Deng Wen keen to serve passengers as Deng Wen after 85, no entertainment idols cool appearance, no school Curve Wrecker good grades, no entrepreneurial elite rich, but he exudes positive energy era, continuous delivery of a precious spirit of courageous, showing good Sommersby with their youth and enthusiasm. (provided by the Chengdu Railway Public Security Bureau)相关的主题文章: