Zhang Jin Lei: gold on 1215 supporting oil dollar index Wednesday strong weak die hard counter, precious metals, non US market was under pressure, gold fell by more than $12, from the highest position of line 1340, down 1322, the daily after continuous formation of single star K, Yin K, rangebound still. Overall on the daily chart under each test a long and short interval. Thursday (August 26th), as of now, after yesterday’s volatility, the Asia Pacific disk out of the shock amplitude between the community, the next goal is to see the 13201323 line support. However, the recent increase in interest rates is the core of the market. Recent fed speech and data from the point of view, the market for the fed to raise interest rates in September is expected to increase, but the probability of interest rate hike in September is still less than the probability of interest rate hike in December. So, in September before the interest rate, the price of gold and the downside is limited. I believe that, at least before September, gold will be completed on the 5 wave of technical trends. Crude oil in the opening line of 46.7, opening to the present volatility is very small. To maintain the same narrow shocks, four hours in the short run on level K price cycle average, the platoon support is formed in the 46.5 line, but the price in touch early rebound late row support is weak, does not support this line too much significance today. In Bollinger band three track shrinking trend, MACD index high Sicha two volume, double go flat, sto index in the oversold zone above the hook head, the double is flat trend, the overall market is still too weak. The evening operation Zhang Jinlei suggested: gold is part of a single point: 113291330 short, stop 1335, target 1320, broken bits to lighten up the look to the 1315 line. 2, for the first time to touch the 1315 to do more, stop 1310, target to see near the 1322. Part of the oil to do a single point: 1, 47.2-27.3 short, stop $0.5, the target look at 45.9-46.0 2, 45.9-46.0 do more, stop $0.5, the target to see near the 47. [event] financial data with today’s focus on Thursday August 25, 2016 20:30 to August 20th when the U.S. weekly jobless claims, the U.S. July durable goods orders 21:45 U.S. August Markit services PMI 22:30 America to August 19th week EIA natural gas inventory Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass. Does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own.相关的主题文章: