Bao Bao Bank: the pound plummeted, IMF and the world bank annual meeting, the British data estimates Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Key points: GBPUSD sub city today will impact the sudden collapse of the UK data or to help boost the pound rebounded yesterday the level of IMF and the World Bank Conference on the market: Delagi speech Saturday, ECB President Delagi clearly expressed support to the banking industry mergers and acquisitions this Asian city pound earthquake sparked concern, so I’d like to discuss the pound the UK data trend, and this week the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the world bank conference. Clearly, the focus is on the day of the U.S. non farm payrolls report, which in my other article has been discussed. In addition, in four the payrolls report after Fed officials will have issued a statement that the Federal Open Market Committee Fisher (22:30), Meister (Saturday, George (03:00 00:45) on Saturday (Saturday) and Renard 04:00). The pound plunged suddenly Friday Asian market trading, GBP / USD in the absence of any significant incentives under the background of the result of a fall trend, which is usually the United States employment report is likely to cause such a dramatic and rapid shock. Some analysts believe that the pound fell suddenly may be because of the emergence of a large number of stop loss orders or options caused a sell-off, traders also blamed the transaction failure algorithm. The profitability of the put option is significantly higher than the level of the barrier, once it reaches the level of the specific barrier. As a result, some traders in the Asian session to further push down the pound, triggering a stop selling orders and eventually reached the level of obstacles. However, it is worth noting that the market operation in the exchange market is legal. However, the specific reasons for the pound diving is still unknown, and will lead to a series of discussions and even policy changes. This means that the new option does not have continuous profitability will soon lead to market dissatisfaction. As banks rely on a good relationship with regulators and central banks, while investors are " speculative " banks are less likely to self regulate their banks. As the foreign exchange margin is low, the derivatives are subject to removal or redesign. Investors are likely to promote the gradual narrowing of the gap between the pound before the crash and the gap, both back to the previous volatility interval. GBPUSD at before diving is slightly higher than the 1.26 mark, but considering the recent downward trend in the dollar, sterling or difficult to reach the sub city level before the crash, so the level of 1.2500-1.2550 will be high after the crash. Pound one minute chart, down from 1.26 to below 1.10? Considering the recent decline in British pounds, the data will be of concern today. GBP / USD hourly chart (showing the trend of the past three months and the recent slump) IMF and the world bank annual meeting IMF and the world bank annual meeting will be held in Washington this weekend. IMF to global leaders in particular相关的主题文章: