The new regulations: smoking will be restricted to buy train trips each EMU ticket – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu September 29th – (Wu Zhengqi, Xie Jiao) recently a smoker in a high-speed EMU secretly smoke, lead to the EMU parking accident. This is a wake-up call for national security: Travel and others for their own personal safety regulations, passengers must strictly abide by the traffic safety, do not overstepped". According to the latest requirements of China railway company, smoking in the EMU train passengers punished by public security organs according to law, unless holding my ID card to the nearest railway customer service center signed a pledge not to make, will be blacklisted and restrictions on the purchase of the trips EMU ticket, once found again will be banned for life by emu. In September 22nd, ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station to Chengdu east railway station D353 train running in Chongqing railway, the driver suddenly found the car 9, smoke alarm, immediately notify the staff and train marshals, and EMU train stop. The car with the car, the train conductor in conjunction with the police rushed to the No. 9 car mechanic, one by one to check the car parts in the car in the toilet found illegal suspects are smoking lee. After investigation, over sixty years, Lee admitted that they have more than forty years of smoking, daily amount of smoke in more than one package. One day, he rode the EMU train from Shanghai to Chongqing, the journey of craving, holding his luck into the bathroom, who knows the smoke point just a few puffs, will touch the alarm, car immediately stopped, he was the marshals and train staff caught. According to the railway safety management regulations seventy-seventh, the provisions of article ninety-fifth, Lee was handed over to the station police station, and be fined and other penalties. The National Day golden week is approaching, a large number of passengers will travel by train, and trains the whole area once the ban on smoking, smoking happens, light to cause train speed, while endangering traffic safety. Chengdu Railway Police advise, train traveling in a confined space, once the fire happens, there will be serious consequences qunsiqunshang.相关的主题文章: