The hit series "Jinxiu Weiyang" nine Princess Chen Yuqi airborne Tianjin admit Tang Yan is a "rival" recently, Tang Yan starred in the drama "beautiful costumes giant Weiyang" hit 24 hours online, the whole network click rate has exceeded 3.6 million, the shark industry top result stability. At the same time, "Jinxiu Weiyang" Oriental TV broadcast platform also after Guangzhou, a second round of star fans will meet the boom. In November 12th, in the "beautiful" Weiyang played nine Princess Di Tuoba actor Chen Yuqi airborne Tianjin, attended the Oriental TV "Jinxiu Weiyang" fan meeting. Although, has broadcast drama nine Princess not appearance, but with sweet and handsome appearance and the lovable people have been fans attention in the popular small fan. In an interview, Chen Yuqi revealed her relationship with Tang Yan in the play is "rival". The original "Jinxiu Weiyang", Chen Yuqi plays nine princess love is Li Minde, he is always love played by Tang Yan Lee weiyang. The nine kind princess did not envy hate against Weiyang, but its protection by means of Weiyang identity advantage again out of danger. Later, with the Weiyang established sibling brotherhood. It is reported that the first artists actor Chen Yuqi Tang Yan also set up a studio after signing the contract, two people became involved in the film "westward journey 3". The Chen Yuqi also revealed that with Tang Yan play a lot of play to learn, for the new benefit.相关的主题文章: