The ticket "rose to the" one year   a number of scenic spots is refers to the price of Henan light — Network — the national development and Reform Commission, the National Tourism Administration issued a notice last year in 9, in the work of special rectification scenic spot ticket price a year long nationwide. In the meantime, the principle is not introduced in the new scenic spot ticket price program. However, the reporter found the day before the survey, the country more than 10 provinces area since the start of this year ticket price has proposed a price adjustment program or intention, "Rose" become more scenic "preparation period rose". There are still some scenic spots hearing new "yuanzhongyuan" disguised price hikes, publicity period "shrink", price increases for alleged irregularities etc.. Tickets do not rise one year ban on the national development and Reform Commission, the National Tourism Bureau last year issued "on the ticket price of special rectification work notice", from September 2015 to August 2016, the work of special rectification of scenic spot ticket price a year long nationwide. During the special rectification, in principle, the introduction of new scenic spot ticket prices do not plan. According to incomplete statistics, Hubei, Jilin, Guangdong, Fujian, Yunnan and other provinces in the scenic area of at least 10, since this year to open the ticket price adjustment program or the intention to raise prices. Daily economic news reporter noted that some scenic spots in the first half of this year has passed the ticket price adjustment hearing announcement, held hearings, the formation of new price programs and other processes, to seize the opportunity to rise. For example, Hubei City, Yunxi Province five dragon river scenic area held a hearing in April this year, from the current price of $80 to adjust to 100 yuan passengers. Shiyan, Hubei Tourism Bureau official said, this adjustment is based on the expansion of the scenic area, which extends 3.5 km from the coast to about 10 km, and increased cruise ships, cabins and other projects. At present, the county government has not yet approved, approved six months after the implementation of publicity." After the end of the ban to speed up the price of light individual scenic spots not only through the above process, but also the speed of light to complete the implementation of the public and the fare increase. Guangdong 5A grade scenic bighorn Bay scenic spot ticket price hearing in May 18th this year released announcement in mid June July 18th has been officially open hearings, increase fares. It is worth noting that, some other scenic spot will be determined in the late August to the hearing in the "focus sprint", and some will be in the ban on the second days after the end of the ban order. The reporter saw at the Wuyishan Fujian municipal government website, Wuyishan Municipal Price Bureau held a September 1st ticket price adjustment hearing, intends to Anyuan scenic Pacific water square ticket price from 30 yuan to 40 yuan per person. There are many scenic spots previously released hearing notice, in fact, has entered the price adjustment process. For example, Inner Mongolia Manchuria will be held in mid October in the Hulun Lake scenic spot ticket price hearing, Shandong city of Yantai province will be held in the East Fort seaside tourism scenic area and 264000 Park in November the top of buildings, the ticket price hearing. How to park in the scenic spot inventory bianxiangzhangjia Park suspected Price Bureau in Jilin province in July 15th held a Siberian Tiger Park Panda ticket price hearing, intends to Northeast Tiger Park bear)相关的主题文章: