Korean media said Han sea fire killed 3 people – International – people.com.cn original title in a Chinese fishing: Korean media said a Chinese fishing in Korean waters, the fire caused 3 deaths in Seoul in September 29, Xinhua (reporter Wang Jiahui Yao Qilin) according to Yonhap quoted South Korea Mokpo maritime patrol safety department of the news reports, a a Chinese drifter in South Korean waters on the morning of 29 fire, killed 3 sailors. Chinese Consulate General in Kwangju, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that the current situation is being understood. According to Yonhap reported that the accident occurred in the morning Seoul time 9:45 PM, located in the waters near Jeonnam Xin’an county. Mokpo police on the Chinese fishing boats were boarding check, because the cockpit and machine room was locked, the maritime police team broke the glass cockpit and fired 3 sonic bomb, then fishing boat caught fire. It is assumed that the sonic boom may be the cause of the fire. After the fire, Mokpo police launched a fire, and found 3 crew members in the machine room. The 3 men were found to have no signs of life. Mokpo police said, 3 people died of suffocation caused by fire smoke. Reported that the South Korean coastguard has decided the boats and crews transferred to Mokpo for further investigation. Expected fishing boats will arrive in Mokpo on the morning of 30 marine police jetty. (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: