Fierce! Xiangshan ship model 16 years of manual shipbuilding of the "shipbuilding" is his hobby, in the past 16 years, he has made a total of more than and 150 modern ship ship model by hand, he has made a total of more than and 150 modern ship model. He did not profit for the purpose of the ship model, but to promote China’s shipping and marine culture. He is the Ningbo Shipu "ship model Master" Wu Wenbin. The day before, the reporter was attracted to the stone town Yan Chang Wu Wenbin operating motor repair shop, small store filled with all kinds of electric appliances, in this humble shop only those who work in modern ship fine and realistic modeling brighten. Wu Wenbin said, every ship "warship" is around 1 m long, 11 cm wide, have set up a cab, deck, artillery, etc. before and after the mast, some boats also installed dozens of lights. When asked about when to start making boats, Wu Wenbin put down his work, told reporters weiweidaolai. The 51 year old Wu Wenbin said, he grew up in the sea of ship Shipu, there is a sense of goodwill, sometimes he took the pen and paper, compasses and other tools to the fishing port side, a station that is half a day. He saw a fishing boat shuttle, or boarded close observation, carefully consider modeling structure of various ships, sometimes to the idea of drawing on the paper, according to the ship model design all kinds of fishing boats draw a certain proportion. Perhaps for this hobby, he opened a repair ship motor mainly stores in Shipu port side, in the spare time of production of modern ship model, did not think this works for 16 years. At his own fumble, just started when Wu Wenbin go stumbling. "The first thing to do out of the ship model is not bad, that is not up to standard, only to keep doing, groping." Wu Wenbin recalled that, in the process, he gradually became calm state of mind. In his opinion, such fine handiwork, must keep the state of no mind. Over the years, the ship model, Wu Wenbin brought unlimited fun. With the accumulation of experience, his craft is getting better and better. For the production of modern warship model, he browse the various types of warships on the Internet every day. A few days ago, he also made an aircraft carrier ship model, was bought by a businessman to collect. Wu Wenbin said, making the ship model is a pure handiwork, to lead as material, using solder, soldering iron tools such as production, take cutting, assembly production, first make the hull, then making the cockpit and accessory system, the last step is painting. The most complex part of the ship model is the ship’s facilities, such as the cab, artillery, mast and other equipment, these components are small and complex, need to be patient and careful. In recent years, Wu Wenbin made ship model reputation, there are a lot of people come here to order book, but he declined to be. Wu Wenbin said, his main business or repair electrical, making a model ship is his hobby, not production, in addition to a small number of customers to buy some certain collections, are generally sending to friends.相关的主题文章: