Concluded with 127 countries visa free agreement Chinese passport "gold content" – improve the Beijing News Agency in Beijing on 5 November, (reporter Ma Haiyan Madelin) China Vice Minister of public security Huang Ming said in Beijing on 5, as of now, Chinese has concluded with 127 countries all kinds of visa free agreements, including the 8 overall visa agreement reached 63 copies; simplify visa procedures agreements or arrangements with 39 countries. Chinese passport gold content increased significantly. Plenary meeting of the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held on the same day, the twenty-fourth. Entrusted by the State Council, Huang Ming reported to the NPC Standing Committee on the implementation of the law of the people’s Republic of china. Three years, the country’s total annual increase in the number of inbound and outbound personnel in 2015, up to 520 million passengers in the first half of this year, a total of 270 million passengers in the first half of this year, a total of 6.7% passengers. Huang Ming said, with outbound travel, study, visit the people continued to heat up, to enhance the "gold content" passport and convenient permit travel demand is more intense, the management of exit and entry into a big big face enormous pressure, fast forward. At present, China’s vast majority of residents only need to submit identity cards, photographs and other materials to apply for private exit entry documents, valid for private ordinary passport holders amounted to 120 million. China’s national tourism destination country has reached 153. At the same time, foreigners visa, immigration, residence and other policies continue to optimize. China set up a visa at 87 ports, the implementation of some countries in the 15 cities of foreigners visa free transit policy for 72 hours, the implementation of some countries in some areas of the national immigration or transit visa policy for 144 hours. China is stepping up permanent residence permit electronic reform, using chip technology, improved machine reading function, to the holder of the purchase of tickets, in the domestic check-in, finance and insurance, and other business licenses to provide more convenience. In June this year, China formally joined the international organization for migration. Huang Ming said that this requires us to further deepen cooperation in the field of international migration, the depth of participation in global immigration governance. (end)相关的主题文章: