Korean audience: "any attachment" ending "cloud picture" lead "arbitrary" tragic ending "attachment clouds Moonlight" love scenes play a leading role in Sina entertainment news KBS drama "arbitrary" attachment this week sad ending, tragic characters not only get rid of routine writers, even the viewing ratio also ended up on. "Because of a work ruined a bunch of actors" comment is also hot on the network; at the same time MBC W- "two world" following last week’s ratings fell this week, still continued to decline, it seems the ratings went up hope soon only sustenance will be broadcast on the final set. Moon fire drama showing a thriving picture, "KBS clouds Moonlight" viewing all the way up, and this week is approaching the 20 mark, leading non weekend drama; and the same for the costume drama of love SBS "startling step by step: Li" is dismal ratings, this week 5.9% of the ratings failed to enter the audience the rate of the top twenty. "Arbitrary" tragic ending 20 sets of attachment "arbitrary" attachment Mizuki mini series this week ushered in the finale, eventually to Shen Junying (Jin Yubin [micro-blog] (Lu Yi ornaments) on Suzy ornaments) on the shoulders of the dead to draw a sad love drama. As the "sun" after the second descendants of China and South Korea simultaneously broadcast drama, because the collection of Jin Yubin and Suzy the two yen value and the strength of both actors, not before the launch had been brought together a lot of popularity, and in every episode of ultra high price to sell a China website broadcast alone, it is earned the foot of the pocket and popularity. But with the pre launch one-sided cheers is not symmetrical after the launch of the reputation ratings continue to decline, the first week of the 12.5% season high ratings, followed by a road is ratings decline, ending only to 8.4% of the ratings barely. Any attachment in the ratings is not as much as people, screenwriter terminally ill, car accident, bad governance, the plot is the main aspect of the audience criticized. In the previous works written by Li Qingxi, "I’m sorry, I love you", "will it snow for Christmas", "the good man" and other works of tragedy sentiment is her fame, type is also good, but at this time of the works, she really run out of ideas, seeking mind when the writers have always also tried to harvest old Korean audience, the fact that, even with Jin Yubin and Suzy such color value, still save so "impulsive" story. Although the MBC W- "two world" Discussion on the network is very high, but it is full of drama works, through time and space design cartoon did not achieve good results in the ratings, the ratings have been in the position after the launch of about 10%, nearly two weeks and slightly random plot because the screenwriter low ratings decline at present, the highest ratings record of 13.8% six weeks ago, I do not know whether the upcoming finale let the drama of a TV on "Happy Ending". SBS "Avatar" envy this week, ratings began to pick up signs of rising, screenwriter Xu Shuxiang will live in ordinary to the screen, the chemical reaction is particularly interesting to attract people, but also the family funeral cancer, these tragic drama club took the audience laughter)相关的主题文章: