"Patriotic forward" public opinion field Chinese kidnapping boycott goods – Beijing not enjoy popular support "patriotic forward" kidnapping public opinion field in India who shouted "boycott Chinese goods" in India? The Global Times reported [] if the Indians just after the Diwali festival in November 4th and the closing of the 120th session of Chinese import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) associated with it, then it is in India and China Merchants will sign a number of large orders, but the unknown is at this time next year, India social network "boycott Chinese goods" farce whether it will repeat again, there is not a India politician out to "China" made a lesson". For the vast majority of people in India, shouting "don’t buy Chinese Diwali lights" and in the eyes of ordinary consumers, not enjoy popular support, "the quality of its goods only China can stop Chinese goods". In the final analysis, the people of India can not get rid of dependence on Chinese goods, but also hope to truly enjoy the "India manufacturing" brought "cheap". China calls for a boycott of goods, but can not find a substitute during Diwali, "Global Times" reporter a few quarters in New Delhi near his home visits found that this year’s fireworks and firecrackers enthusiasm unabated. A man named Lars Toure residents told reporters: "I can no matter whether these fireworks from Chinese or India, India businessmen are very smart, they do not have the China fireworks rotten early accumulation in the warehouse, a tag sale who would know?" A young India Lars Toure and a little put lanterns said: "these lights must be" Chinese manufacturing ", said the truth I of this kind of product is not difficult to find" Chinese manufacturing ", China boycott of goods not what meaning." The source of lanterns, fireworks are always in a few years this was brought up before the arrival of diwali. "The days Chinese boycott manufacturing" is the most touted, "Global Times" reporter in New Delhi’s largest supermarket "Auchan" see "Made in LED, marked China lights" is placed in the most prominent position, every piece of goods by 100 small lights strung together, 5 meters long, the price 399 rupees (10 rupees, about 1 yuan). According to the India economic times survey, the same length of the lantern price, China made only 14 of India’s manufacturing, and even the "India manufacturing" is actually assembled with Chinese parts in India. In the lights behind the counter household goods, mop, clothes hanger, bath ball, soap and other products are also very popular Chinese. Asif, a lecturer at the University of Delhi in India, told reporters: "the bigger the supermarket or the market, the more the daily necessities. The majority of India ordinary consumers only care about the quality of the goods but only China itself can stop Chinese goods, cost-effective is the advantage of Chinese goods". Asif also said: "I have experience with India merchants to purchase China, I know a lot of Chinese" spread the goods "was sold to India after the price rose more than 10 times, even so, India is also very difficult to find alternative products, but so cheap things may be difficult to ensure quality." He to electric heating Bao example, this product in India basically all imported from China, although the quality is basically the middle and lower reaches of the river, but in the相关的主题文章: