To train more and better talent – Politics – "education determines the human today, but also determines the future of mankind." General secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Beijing Bayi school visits, he pointed out that the more forward the times, the importance of knowledge and talent becomes more prominent, the status and role of education is increasingly prominent. Our country is in the best period of development in history, but to achieve the "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, we must pay more attention to education, to cultivate more and better able to meet the party, the state and the people, the needs of the times people. The majority of educators said that the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the direction to do a good job of education, to remember our mission, trust, hope and trust into the general secretary as a powerful driving force on the road ahead, efforts to promote the development of education, and make due contribution to the construction of well-off society. A good student "guide" and "teachers should be students’ temper character guide, make students learn knowledge guide, make students’ Creative Thinking Guide, guide students do dedication to the motherland." Read about the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, executive of Tsinghua University Jiangtai Road District President Zhu Jianhong said with deep feeling: "" wayshower "concept points out the key points, very high." Teachers should not only teach knowledge to Rucker Shuren, but also with their own life experience and experience, combining the characteristics of students for the "tailored" for his growing path. In addition, it is necessary to cultivate students’ will character and creative thinking, encourage students to understand the society through social practice. "General Secretary Xi Jinping once said, ‘life’ s buttons should be buttoned up from the start."." Guangxi City, Nanning second middle school teacher Xu Hua said, today’s speech made a more vivid notes, the teacher’s mission is to buckle the first button of the students, we are responsible for the major." Xu Hua love Lu You in the book "sick Huai" in the poem "dared not country". He said, the teacher does affect young children’s minds, the teacher’s every word and action will bring long-term and far-reaching impact to the children. The general secretary in his speech called "Party committees and governments at all levels should enthusiastically take care of teachers, relief from teaching, from teaching enthusiasm and comfort from teaching, meditation from teachers to teach, so that the majority of teachers on the job happiness, career with a sense of accomplishment, the society has the sense of honor, let the teachers become the people the envy of the occupation." "This is the affirmation of the status of teachers, but also the expectations of teachers, the majority of teachers should be more efforts to improve their own quality, and enhance the confidence of the continuous improvement of the quality of education." Qixiu middle school teacher Li Yunan of Jiangsu Province, Nantong City, the 77 year old has 60 years of teaching experience, still a coach. Xu Hua said that any one of the people’s teachers, the heart should always ask ourselves: why do we teach? If this problem is not solved, our education will be a problem. No matter what time we have to forget the beginning of the heart, to be a good student "guide" as the pursuit of occupation. Make all kinds of education at all levels more in line with the law of the growth of talent "to deepen the school system, management body相关的主题文章: