Facial autologous fat transplantation is also at risk of ten major complications Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: famous plastic surgeon Ma Meisheng micro-blog) autologous fat transplantation is not a new technology, as early as in 1893 Neuber on autologous fat transplantation was reported. At present, autologous fat transplantation has been widely used to improve the face, body depression or aging, as well as breast enlargement. Among them, the effect of facial fat transplantation is better than other parts, has been widely recognized, and even some experts believe that for the facial depression filling, autologous fat transplantation is the only correct choice". Although autologous fat transplantation has been widely used in clinic, the technology has become more and more perfect, but as a surgery, autologous fat transplantation is still a risk of complications, intends to do this surgery before the operation of friends, these complications have full understanding of the. It is reported that the incidence of complications of autologous fat transplantation is about 0.29%, I think the actual incidence should be much higher than this data. Ten common complications of autologous fat transplantation are as follows: picture from the network of 1. Bleeding: a small amount of bleeding is more common. Under normal circumstances, as long as the operation is gentle, to avoid violent operation, there will be no major bleeding. If there is a large hemorrhage, the formation of hematoma, should be bleeding, anti-inflammatory and symptomatic treatment, and depending on the circumstances to determine whether aspiration or drainage, hematoma removal, etc.. 2. Infection: infection is generally 5-7 days after the operation, the local manifestations of swelling and heat pain, transplant pinhole can have pus outflow. Suspected symptoms of infection in time to the hospital for treatment. From fat extraction, treatment to transplantation, there may be a lot of pollution links, therefore, the operation should be stressed that the concept of sterile, if necessary, perioperative use of antibiotics. 3. Asymmetry: there are many reasons for the asymmetry of the posterior part of the autologous fat transplantation, which may be the asymmetry of the face itself, or the unequal distribution of both sides of the graft, or the uneven absorption of both sides. Obvious asymmetry can be corrected by re fat transplantation. 4. The operation may be uneven: swelling caused by, may also be caused by uneven transplantation, or transplantation caused by uneven boundary transition. In the early postoperative period, most of the patients recovered smoothly after 3-6 months. If there is still uneven after recovery, can be corrected by re fat transplantation. 5. Induration, nodules: induration, nodules generated due to a point caused by excessive fat transplantation. Transplantation of fat failed to survive, due to inflammation and fiber wrapped reaction, is a hard solid mass with tenderness. When the contents of the contents of the package is formed after liquefaction. Cysts are generally no symptoms, you can not do treatment, acupuncture can also be extracted. 6. Fat liquefaction: transplantation of adipose tissue is too much, or local blood supply is not good, it may lead to fat necrosis, liquefaction. Local manifestations of swelling, heat, pain, swelling, etc.. Once the occurrence of fat liquefaction, it is best to deal with in time, puncture out of the liquid, if necessary, drainage. 7. Lipoma: transplantation of fat cells in various causes.相关的主题文章: