The State Administration for Industry and Commerce: since the implementation of the new "advertisement law" illegal rate dropped 84.29%– finance — August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Xing Zheng) on the morning of 31, SAIC held a new "advertisement law" the implementation of the first anniversary of the press conference, the meeting of advertising Secretary Zhang Guohua said that the monitoring shows that since September 2015, the monitoring of illegal advertising data consecutive months remained at a low level, advertising illegal rate than the new "advertisement law" before the implementation of down 84.29%. According to Zhang Guohua introduction, in the "advertisement law" under a strong deterrent, advertisers, advertising agents and publishers, the Advertising Spokesperson advertising subjects studying and abiding by the law consciousness and initiative to further enhance the traditional medical treatment, medicine, health food and other typical false and illegal advertising, illegal celebrity endorsement minors under ten years of age, endorsements and other activities have been effectively curbed. At the same time, the implementation of a year to the new "advertisement law", the relevant monitoring platform monthly monitoring television, radio and newspaper and Internet advertisements published nearly 5 million times, alleged illegal advertisements are distributed throughout the investigation and handling of timely clues. Zhang Guohua said, the State Administration for Industry and commerce organization to carry out a deal with typical illegal advertising focused action, strengthen drug, medical, food and other key areas of advertising regulation, increase the major cases, unified dispatching and supervision, severely crack down on illegal false advertising. Last year, the national industry and commerce, market supervision departments investigate all kinds of illegal advertising cases about 24 thousand, fines of about 400 million yuan, a powerful deterrent to illegal false advertising behavior; the State Administration for Industry and commerce also issued a "notice" on further improving the Internet advertising supervision, seriously promote the 2016 network market supervision and carry out the special action Internet financial advertising special rectification, with the central network information office to carry out a special action, with the national health and Family Planning Commission to carry out remediation "traffickers" and "network and cure" – "two" special action to regulate Internet advertising, Internet advertising has dealt with some 3200 cases, fines of about 67 million yuan. Finally, Zhang Guohua stressed that Internet advertising is an important part of the advertising market, but also in recent years, the broad masses of the people and the community are highly concerned, the problem reflects a more concentrated area. Tomorrow is September 1st, the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising, the official implementation. The implementation of the "measures", to regulate the Internet advertising market order in our country, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote has very important significance for China’s Internet advertising industry and Internet industry norms and healthy development. (: Xing Zheng, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: