The couple buy a house next month may jointly apply for not only write a person’s name – Sohu financing next year made real estate license real estate, without proof of marriage data for Taiwan in October 24th according to the Xiamen Evening News reported the transfer of mortgage, from next month, married to buy a house can not only write a person’s name, too jointly apply for registration. This change, in order to do a good job with another transition convergence work, because in January 1, 2017 to obtain the title of immovable property, the property is no longer required to provide proof of marital status. Reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Land Bureau, to January 1st next year (17) issued the "real property certificate", for the real estate transfer and mortgage registration, the registration agency is only responsible for verification of the applicant and recorded in the register of the rights of people are the same, unmarried people no longer issued proof of marital status around. Prior to this, there are a lot of husband and wife in the real estate acquired during the marriage relationship, the registration is only recorded in the name of one party, the existence of a total of recessive. In order to reveal the hidden common people, protect the legitimate rights and interests, according to the Municipal Bureau of land and real estate, according to the "property law" and "real estate registration regulations" rules for the implementation of the provisional regulations, referring to other city practices, since November 1, 2016, during the marriage the couple made a total of real estate registration. Shall be jointly filed by the husband and wife. After the implementation of the new regulations, will take the old old methods, the new certificate of the new principle of treatment. That is to say, all before January 1, 2017 to obtain real estate warrants, the right of application for the transfer of real estate, mortgage registration, or in accordance with the current practice, need to charge and verification of proof of marital status. Need to be reminded that the registration in the name of one of the real estate to increase the spouse’s name, the public can at any time according to the need to apply for the registration of real estate agencies will accept the business, do not have to rush for get together before January 1, 2017. It is understood that the Ministry of land and resources "Provisional Regulations on real estate registration regulations", and the Fujian Provincial Department of land and resources "on the issuance of the notice", to apply for real estate registration does not require the parties must submit proof of marital status (between husband and wife or name, except) registration agencies require the parties to submit proof of marital status in Law No. [FAQ] the existing property permits to increase the name of spouse asked: has handled the ownership certificate, how to increase the spouse’s name? Answer: if the property for a period before marriage or marriage has been obtained and have received a certificate of ownership, the couple need to carry proof of identity, ownership certificate, marriage certificate, housing land mapping data materials and the matrimonial property agreement, jointly to the real estate location of real estate registration center window, and Application fill in the "real estate registration application". Compliance with the conditions of the audit can be the name of the spouse to increase the ownership certificate. Need to be reminded that: if the real estate has been registered for mortgages, the mortgagee shall be issued and submitted to the mortgagee agreed to apply for registration of real estate ownership changes. Q: prior to the implementation of the new regulations"相关的主题文章: