Pregnant women do not eat ginger in May June, not to eat lotus old truth right? Sohu maternal and child every day to the delivery room to produce a lot of maternal inspection, many people are to consult some pregnant women to eat what problems. One day, 6 months pregnant pregnant women Ronaldinho, after normal birth, Ronaldinho asked me: "little sister, usually, I eat onion ginger garlic like spicy food, but I listen to my grandma said, five months pregnant pregnant women do not eat ginger, do not eat lotus six months, in the end what science? I said: "I really have not heard of the old truth, probably because the ginger belong to hot food, too many pregnant women eat ginger, can cause dry stool, get angry, the Chinese say heat consumption wound fluid, causing fetal irritability. But the average person will not be able to eat the amount of ginger, as long as you do not eat hot food on it. While 6 months pregnant, can not eat because of lotus lotus, belong to cold food, pregnant women should not eat too much, especially the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, low loose stools and pregnant women should not be eaten raw." Therefore, in May June do not eat ginger, do not eat lotus root, actually is not what the scientific truth, for pregnant women, in any case, should not be too much like some food. A kind of food and nutrition, should not eat, we became a pregnant woman, ordinary people every day to absorb only 1 egg nutrition, pregnant you can every day to ensure 2 egg, eat much is not what. However, the pregnant woman because eating too many eggs, but caused a high cholesterol. Listen to my explanation. So, Ronaldinho also some doubts: "just as small, you say, pregnant women shouldn’t add some additional nutrition?" I said: "of course, in addition to their pregnant women need nutrition, also need some special nutrition, but also need to pay attention to is that pregnant women in different time periods, to supplement nutrition is not the same." I took a nutrition table to ronaldinho. Pregnant women nutrition table: 08 week: pregnant women need folic acid, anti deformity. Illustrations9-12 week: pregnant women need to supplement vitamin A and magnesium. 13-16 weeks: pregnant women need to supplement iodine, fetal thyroid needs. 17-20 weeks: pregnant women need to supplement vitamin D and calcium. 2124 week: pregnant women need iron supplements. The 25-28 week: pregnant women need to add dietary fiber, prevent constipation. 2932 week: pregnant women need to supplement the unsaturated fatty acid. 3336 week: pregnant women need to add fruits and vegetables. 3740 week: pregnant women need to supplement vitamin B12 and vitamin K. In order to pregnant women of fetal brain development, in addition to comprehensive nutrition of pregnant mother be clever and sensible, and eat less food for brain, can promote fetal brain development, like dark green leafy vegetables, fish, garlic, beans and bean products, sesame and walnut, lemon (increase capacity) (pineapple and banana (memory) to improve creativity etc.). Just as the most popular small: China beauty midwife, Beijing three hospital delivery room senior midwife. Engaged in midwifery work for 20 years, safe delivery in more than 20 thousand cases. Delivery delivery, delivery room in grief at separation and joy in union,.相关的主题文章: