Hui ball technology rectification expires in September 13th is still not as ST hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest off 60 million still no rectification expires as Hui in September 13th is ST / ball technology reporter Zhao Yihui Qiu Jiang, editor of the 10 trading days "final rectification period" opportunity transient, Hui ball technology failed to avoid "ST" fate. Yesterday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced a regular press conference, as of September 9th 17, the regulatory requirements of the rectification period, Hui ball technology is still not submitted rectification report, did not complete the rectification requirements should take the initiative to implement the deadline. Therefore, in September 12th after a day of suspension, Hui ball technology since September 13th will be implemented ST processing, the company’s shares will be changed to ST Hui ball, and transferred to the risk warning board trading. At the same time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also to uncap the principles put forward specific conditions: the company is subject to the completion of the rectification requirements, continue to regulate the operation of at least 6 months or more, may apply for revocation of ST. Rectification expires still no movement on September 9th 17, is the deadline for the submission of the rectification report submitted to the Shanghai Stock Exchange technology. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 26th, Hui ball technology should exist in information disclosure in September 9th before the deadline for rectification, if not complete the rectification, the company’s shares will be the implementation of other risk warning (ST) treatment. The Shanghai Stock Exchange proposed rectification requirements, mainly for the company the information disclosure problems, including the restoration of company information disclosure management order, verify the actual control of the company, the company has not yet disclose the full text of the announcement leaked trace and the responsibility of the board of directors of the company shall be self rectification four requirements. Although the wisdom of the ball technology information disclosure problem has been very serious and has been going on for some time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also suggested that it may be implemented ST treatment, but still left to the company’s 10 trading days for rectification. However, the technology has not been able to seize the opportunity. According to the briefing, September 6th, Shanghai again sent a letter written to urge the company to complete the rectification as soon as possible. During the rectification period, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has repeatedly telephone company information disclosure of the first person in charge, the current chairman Dong Wenliang, but it has not yet answered the phone, but also did not accept regulatory talks as required. The board of directors of the company did not disclose whether the meeting held self-examination and rectification. As of September 9th 17, which is required by the Shanghai Stock Exchange before the deadline for the rectification of the 10 trading days, the company has not yet submitted to the Shanghai Stock Exchange rectification report, failed to implement the rectification requirements on schedule. The Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that these requirements are aimed at the existing problems of information disclosure of the proposed technology, the company should do the basic duties, but also the company has the ability to fully implement, correct. However, until the rectification period expires, the company and its board of directors still fails to perform their duties, refused to rectification, ignoring the basic obligations of listed companies, the company continued to allow in violation of information disclosure and risk status. The Shanghai Stock Exchange believes that at present, the company’s Theory相关的主题文章: