Leica M10 appearance in the leaked pictures tell us what Sohu – Digital     Leica M10 appearance has been leaked, and Lecia  Rumors; according to the photos for us to analyze a lot of information of the new machine, we look at main.   analysis on the positive analysis of the appearance of the LR nameplate nameplate on camera camera map LR;           1, the top cover of white block may be just a sticker         2, the top on the right side of the dial plate should be before the legend of the ISO wheel         3, M10 still has LED line         4, video button disappeared (M10 can not shoot video?)         5, the greater the viewfinder         6, the frame selector back         7, bayonet bulge, and thin body rumors of         8, on the bottom cover the traditional "Typ+ number" written into "Type  No:         9, M10 may use the same battery with M  240 (7.4V)         10, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) revealed some information in the report: Test on the M10 February 4, 2016 appointment, arrived in July 22, 2016 with a camera test lab, September 7th has completed the test. Leica may be finished M  240 inventory and then released M10.         editorial commentary: Leica M10 should be released soon, thinner body, pixel could rise, but as editor I can not afford to buy, they can then buy nouveau riche to talk about feelings. More information we will continue to pay attention to, at any time for you to bring more relevant reports.相关的主题文章: