Why is it necessary to postpartum waist? Sohu – maternal parenting master quality article, author: Liu Juan (Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University, third obstetricians) for each pubic symphysis as long as the pregnant mother would have, some occurred late in early pregnancy, and there will be abdominal pain, or abdominal pain inside the pubic symphysis cleavage. The most common is to give birth to the child after the mother will find abdominal pain inside cleavage of pubic symphysis, lower extremity weakness in the leg, legs can not move, can not lift the leg, another more serious is not over, can’t get out of bed to walk, this is the most common clinical problems of postpartum mothers. Some mothers to a lesser extent, the separation is not greater than 10 mm, the doctor through the B-ultrasonic examination, no obvious clinical manifestations, then suggested that she take the waist and bed rest, basically about a week to two weeks can be restored. Now many women do not love sports, obesity, short stature, narrow pelvis, and the fetus is relatively large, into the pot, the pelvis is only so much, so would open toe joint position, prone to cause separation of symphysis pubis. Therefore, I suggest that the mother during pregnancy, you need to do some exercise, practice a rectus abdominis muscle, the strength of the whole rectus muscle practice. Although the muscles near the symphysis pubis may be difficult to exercise, the lower limb muscle strength is relatively slow. In addition, if the fetus is too large, suggest a caesarean section, it will affect the birth canal, more prone to separation of symphysis pubis. There is a second, third times the birth of fetal mother is more likely to occur because of pubic symphsis separation, some problems left in the first child, the second child will. Advise women can do some training before the rectus during pregnancy, such as some of the same training mode similar sit ups rectus movement. Practice can not only ease the rectus to the woman’s pubic symphysis postpartum pain, also has certain prevention pregnancies lines, it can help you better. The waistline gives the pubic symphysis a pressure, which is one of the most important means of treatment of pubic symphysis separation. I suggest particular birth or some pain in my mother must take the waistline, Caesarean mothers also need to take. First, this will reduce your wound tension; second, the extent to which pressure, there will be a gathering of pubic symphysis, such pubic symphysis attached muscles will not pull too hard. This to a certain extent, a great relief after the mother’s pain. So, I suggest that every mother can have a waist circumference. There are some abdominal stomach belt on the market, if you simply want to let the waist abdomen caused by abdominal slimming, it does not have too big effect. Just say your production is not so fast recovery after uterine compression, later, when the contraction of the uterus, you may not be so pain. There are now a lot of pelvic belt on the market it is very narrow, it can not be achieved in clinical efficacy…… So, in the end what should be selected waist belt is conducive to the recovery of the separation of the pubic symphysis? Want to read 7相关的主题文章: