Love bloom? Changan Mazda donated the hope primary school in Yunnan Province – the best car Sohu, for very long. I hope primary school is an important branch of philanthropy, affects many social caring people concern, many children in remote mountainous areas because of disasters, poverty and other reasons to become vulnerable groups of society, so lost to a fair education opportunity. In order to help them out, to return to the campus, Changan Mazda did not forget the beginning of the heart, and will try to stop things, with love to the poor, to hope primary school, as a force of Chinese charity contributions to their own! In September 5th, Changan Mazda automobile Limited company came to the office of poverty alleviation and development of Luxi County People’s Government of Yunnan Province, Changan Mazda hope primary school donated aid, the donation ceremony was held in Luxi County of Yunnan province Mingde primary school. On the day, Luxi County Deputy Secretary Shi Yongning, deputy governor Wang Ren Xiang, Changan Mazda executive vice president Zhu Xingjia, personnel union chairman Deng Yuzhong and other leaders attended the donation ceremony, dream transfer village children’s hope. Luxi County as the "13th Five-Year" period of poverty alleviation county one of the soldiers loaded the group by group, the company attaches great importance to. Changan Mazda as the only joint venture to participate in poverty alleviation plan in Changan, the company is very concerned about the management of Luxi county poverty alleviation plan, the company designated the union is responsible for this charity donation project. After the investigation of the local education situation, Mazda Changan to Luxi County Yongning Township two primary school donated funds to improve the infrastructure, to promote the development of rural education in Luxi. The Changan Mazda funded primary school was named Luxi County Yongning Township Changan Mazda hope primary school "," Luxi County Yongning Xiangcheng village Changan Mazda hope primary school ", through the implementation of the project, the school labor skills training room, student bathroom, dormitory, library, sports venues and other hardware facilities will be greatly improved, not only can improve the conditions for running schools, improve the teaching environment, it can stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers, improve the quality of education. It is important that this can provide a comfortable learning space for the children of the mountain village, so that they have more possibilities to explore and show themselves, to bring them happy growth memory! The ceremony has been highly valued by the Luxi County Office of poverty alleviation, Education Bureau, Yongning Township Party committee, people’s Congress and other leaders at all levels. Uphold the integrity of business, society’s purpose, Changan Mazda at the same time promote the development of industry, always give their own modest in public welfare undertakings, to contribute to build Changan characteristics of Mazda public brand, the characteristics of self driving activity "horse free" is a typical representative of. From the traditional intangible cultural heritage protection to aid in the hope primary school, "Changan Mazda · horse free" practice of micro public welfare of the trail will be extended to Yunnan in poor mountainous areas. Beautiful Yunnan has a variety of ethnic customs, but behind this, there are many poor living environment, poverty and other reasons to study hard for children, was isolated from the mountains and the outside world. Changan Mazda has always paid attention to this problem, and as early as last year in Kunming Yunxian Maolan town to aid a Dawa u相关的主题文章: