Womens-Issues You know youll be a great parent. For years, you tried hard for a baby. But fortune just refused to smile upon you. For the past few months, you were looking for alternatives to have your own baby, even though you cannot bear and give birth to a child. Surrogacy fascinated you the most. But costs broke your heart. You didnt give up and dug deeper. And you got to know about India and that this country has some of the best infertility centers in the world and they charge very low. Youve zeroed-on on a clinic and made some payment as well. However, youre not sure about the surrogate mothers in India. Youre clueless as to how youd pick one for your baby. Well, this article is just about that. Be straight with the clinic about what do you expect out of the woman who wants to be a surrogate mother . Your doctor will send you details of several women who want to be a surrogate mother in lieu of .pensation. Read through the details sent to you. And then select 2 or more women that youd like to meet. When you get the opportunity to meet the surrogate mothers in India in person, try to interact with them for as long as you can. Get to know their family and medical history. Usually, a mere 10 minute talk will give you sense as to which woman you can trust for your baby. The ideal surrogate should be ideally healthy and have had delivered successfully in the past. Surrogacy in India is .paratively less messy than it is in many countries across the world. But then you have to be careful with the selection of the surrogate mothers in India and that you get everything in writing from the clinic and the surrogate mother. You can hire a lawyer to better understand the contract that is signed between you and the clinic and between you and the surrogate mother. Remember all parties involved, including you, will be bound with the rules and regulations laid down in this contract – so read it thoroughly so that you understand what youre agreeing to. You should also be careful with the selection of infertility clinics in India. Just follow .mon sense. Note down the clinics that have been doing surrogacies for years, and have the staff and infrastructure required in place. To be on a safer side, you can speak with couples whove got treated by the clinics that youre pondering to get treatment from. Learn from their experiences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: