Affiliate-Revenue Work from home careers provide many benefits to people who can make them work. The list of things to do to make a work from home career can be endless. Everything from deciding on the name of your business, to getting registered with the tax office, to building your online presence. All of these an many more tasks can overwhelm you as you begin your new career. One of the most important of these tasks is to maintain accurate book keeping for your business. You will need these accurate records when it .es time to pay your federal in.e taxes. Now there have certainly been people who have made through work from home businesses and not paid their taxes fairly. This is unethical and wrong. You need to start your .pany off right by paying whatever taxes you owe. The first element of good bookkeeping is to track your business expenses. These records can be kept in a spreadsheet program on your .puter. You must keep every receipt that you intend to claim as an expense for your business. Simply create a file that you keep all your receipts in and you will never have to worry about keeping up with these expenditures. work from home careers One other word on expenses. You can track every expense you have. If you buy a new .puter, a ream of paper, or a new office chair, make sure you track these items. You can also expense any travel expenses you have. We will discuss these expenses later in the article. You can also use any meal that you spend discussing your business as an expense item. The second element of good bookkeeping is to keep up with any in.e you have. Once again this can be kept in a spreadsheet on your .puter. This in.e needs to be tracked because you will be asked to declare it on your taxes. This gross in.e will be offset by any expenses. Another crucial item you will need to keep good records on is your mileage driven for your work from home career. If you drive to buy some office supplies then make sure you track the beginning odometer reading and then the ending reading. This mileage will be used as another expense item in your taxes if you have accurate records to show for it. You will also want to track any customers that you have. The lifeblood of your new career is customers. You need to get them to purchase whatever you are selling and then you need to keep them returning for more product. You cannot afford to allow your customers to slip through the cracks. They need to know you are there for them through the entire sales process. Ultimately, you will want to keep good records of your business so that you can know if you are succeeding or not. Certainly you will want this information for tax season but you also need to evaluate your business from its in.e and expenses level. 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