Team-Building In almost any kind of organization, leadership needs to be developed. However, in spite of the great number of training and development programs for leadership available and that have been implemented, why is it that it seems only a few companies and organizations are successful in their planned efforts? One main reason that most management experts see is that the whole leadership development plan has been poorly design. And indeed, how a certain training and development program has been designed can tell much whether or not the whole effort would be effective and successful. There are lots of things that companies and organizations can miss out in the planning stages. And hopefully, these are not the most important things that need to be discussed and dealt with. There are certain important elements that need to be put into consideration when designing a leadership development plan. Among these important elements are identifying the overall goals in leadership training and develop. The training and development goals need to be identified and in doing so, it is a must that the performance gaps and growth gaps need to be placed in consideration. This can be done through conducting self-assessments, collecting inputs from others, making reference lists of areas of knowledge and skills that are needed in a variety of roles and functions, as well as drafting a list of references like books and other materials that deal with leadership. Apart from these, it is also quite helpful that the learning objectives should also be identified. It would also make a lot of difference if these goals and activities be put into writing so that evaluations can be easily and effectively made. This is also a good way of keeping people from forgetting what needs to be done and how these things can be done. There are still lots of things that need to be done in preparing a leadership development and training program. These include developing different kinds of materials that might be needed in carrying out discussions and activities. It is also important that the implementation of the training plan be arranged and set up. And right before actually implementing the training plan, it is a must that it should be evaluated to check if there are still areas that need to improved, changed or removed. These quite spell out the different important elements that need to be considered in designing a leadership development and training plan. Try to keep these in mind and see if you can find more success in carrying out programs that aim to improve leadership in your organization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: