9 file a "pill": Japanese viewers want to see what the Sohu files a "9 entertainment pill": Japanese viewers want to see what the Sohu (entertainment news paper Tama sauce) this year Fuji Taiwan autumn adaptation of the slogan is "Fuji Taiwan" with you "would like to accompany you every step step, look around the audience attention to adaptation, however, come up with new projects but are not able to do" to "the audience really want to see, coupled with the dissolution of SMAP trump card program closed end, rumors of 9 or will be canceled, it will become one of the most terrible, fulfilled prophecy. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama – plate Top3 not see the traditional strong figure autumn drama bureau file plate war has basically ended, the show aired has more than 4 sets, even ahead of broadcast has 5 sets, almost half the process. The play premiered, the average audience ratings, F1 broadcast from primetime (women aged 20-34) age of audience, satisfaction and willingness to chase drama, among the best in autumn in nature is the Asahi drama file table "DOCT0R-X", "NTV" and "TBS girl proofreading can be very useful" escape. "Escape" and "proof" is a popular occupation and love comedy which "DOCTOR-X" is only a ratings of over 20% works, play the leading role in the drama autumn gear rating, at the same time in five on the reference index rankings are also quite good. The play revolves around talented female doctor free to walk in the corruption of the "white tower", an elixir of the story of the past three seasons, the results are also quite brisk. Four broadcast according to the statistical survey on comprehensive ratings up to 28%, the industry of the TV drama performance ratings are also given quite high, presumably with at present the indicators have been ranked among the best of the. "The girl" on viewing and proofreading is not perfect, but the reference index were ranked in the top three. Compared with other episodes of the drama was to obtain the high support rate of young age audience, the variety of techniques to promote the series in editing, rendering atmosphere under the foot, improve the audience satisfaction is the biggest highlight of the play. While it is useful "shameful" to avoid opening ratings barely catch two digits, but then rising constantly breaking the same schedule record. The story of the new marriage contract feel society with new content of drama has attracted many viewers, many people choose to watch recorded after wrong, on the network after watching the way with this drama, with gradually rising trend, the play will be the biggest winner or autumn file. Compared with the plate of the top three drama series, the golden age of the limelight without the Fuji Taiwan four drama performance two is not ideal. 4 episodes of the premiere ratings in 8% before and after the time set began to decline, the performance of the reference data are not ideal, compared with the other 3 series the apparent lack of appeal and attraction. Only 9 occupy high drama "Cain and Abel" still F1 audience number, for taiwan.相关的主题文章: