A college student in Changzhou for a stimulating night armed with knives robbed the female owner of Haomou is a university student in Changzhou, the night of September 17th, he took a fruit knife, robbed a shop repair shop. In September 20th, Hao was arrested by the police. Haomou said that his reason for robbery, because outside of school around can not find their way, irritability under saw a robbery after the news was a whim, on the spot now do the knife. In late September 17th 9 pm, a home appliance repair shop in Changzhou city Wujin District Hutang town a farmers market near just closing, wearing a peaked cap, a black mask, wearing a black dress man broke into the store, the female owner Sheng asked: "what are you doing?" The man walked directly inside the counter stood behind her, took out a knife on her neck from his pocket: "take out your money." Sheng found more than 100 yuan from the package, the man looked, threatened: "still rich, no, take out to kill you."." Sheng begged a man, said he was out of the field, the family economic situation is not good. There is no man ask Sheng a bank card, and a hand grabbed the bag containing a rummage, but did not find. Hear Sheng’s husband still upstairs, the man did not stay, loose after a certain escape outside the shop. After receiving the alarm, the police after 2 days of careful investigation, the man Hao captured. Hao is a sophomore, 19 years old, Jiangsu Taizhou people. Hao explained that he had wandered outside the school on the night of the crime, and then came back to take a shortcut, but unexpectedly, he didn’t find his way for several turns. Depressed, sit down, a pier on the roadside on the mobile phone through, see a mugging accidentally. After the sudden whim: "anyway, can not find the road back, it is better to find some stimulus to go."." Chenzheyese, he took the mask and carry a fruit knife, and from a nearby truck on the handle with a pair of gloves, see the shop containing the only one person, and then rushed into, but didn’t take any money. At present, Hao has been under criminal detention by the police, the case is still under review. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. Real man seeking to stimulate men dressed as prostitutes arrested

常州一大学生为寻求刺激 深夜持刀抢劫女店主郝某是常州某高校学生,9月17日晚上,他拿着水果刀,抢劫一家家店维修店。9月20日,郝某被警方抓获。郝某说,自己之所以抢劫,是因为在校外闲逛后找不到回校的路,烦躁之下,看到一条抢劫新闻后竟突发奇想,当场现学现做持刀抢劫。9月17日晚9时许,常州市武进区湖塘镇某农贸市场附近的一家家电维修店正要打烊,一名头戴鸭舌帽、黑色口罩,身穿黑色衣服的男子闯进店里,女店主盛某忙问:“你要干什么?”男子直接走到柜台里面站在她背后,从裤兜里掏出一把刀架上她的脖子:“把钱拿出来。”盛某从包里找出了100多元,男子见状,威胁说:“还有钱不,不拿出来杀了你。”盛某哀求男子,称自己是外地过来的,家里经济情况也不好。男子问盛某有没有银行卡,并一手抢过盛某的包翻找,然而没有找到。听到盛某的老公还在楼上,男子无心停留,松开盛某后逃出店外。接到报警后,民警经过2天的缜密侦查,将男子郝某抓获。郝某是一名大二学生,今年19岁,江苏泰州人。郝某交待,案发当晚他到学校外面闲逛,后来回来想抄近路,不料转了好几圈都没找到路。郁闷之下,在路边的一个石墩上坐下,翻看手机,无意中看到一条抢劫的新闻。之后突发奇想:“反正也找不到路回去,不如找点刺激去。”趁着夜色,他带上随身带的口罩和水果刀,并从附近一辆卡车的手把上拿了一副手套,看到维修店里只有盛某一人,便闯了进去,但没抢走任何钱物。目前,目前郝某已被警方刑事拘留,案件还在进一步审查之中。扩展视频:与原文无关。 实拍男子寻求刺激男扮女装卖淫被抓相关的主题文章: