Babies-Toddler Some married couples who will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary find it difficult to find something special as a gift for their partners. Some usually boy luxurious items like gold bracelets and silver necklaces, which is really unnecessary especially if the item cannot fit one’s budget. A personalised teddy bear with a message "Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary" could be much more valuable than those luxurious stuff, especially since your partner knows that it is really from your heart and that you have put enough effort for it. It is pretty obvious that you have given your other half some gifts during the 25 years you have been together, but don’t you think you need to give something that will touch his heart more than anything else? This does not mean that it is just between the two of you though. It is also a perfect choice for good friends, relatives and even children who would want to extend their greetings to their parents or other relatives who are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. An even more interesting fact is that these personalised teddy bears can carry whatever message you want to send, and your feelings will surely be expressed thoroughly through the embroidered words on the teddy bears clothing such as the jumper, shirt and hood. If you think that you will have to spend another extra payment for the embroidery of the message you would like, you are so wrong and yet so lucky since it is offered for free along with the shipping of your teddy bear so it won’t be that heavy for your wallet. One does not have to pay anything more because the embroidered messages on the gift as well as all other add-ons are .pletely free hand in hand with the shipping. This would greatly consider your time and budget. Usually, one would have to wait for some time before the gift arrives, but you do not have to worry because if you order before 1pm on a certain day, your personalised teddy bears will be processed immediately on the same day it was ordered and would only take a maximum of two days to arrive as a surprise. The thoughtfulness of the gift will have an extra impact to the recipient. This is one reason why everybody loves this kind of surprises. Do not stop and wait for anything else. Get your own Congratulations on your Silver Wedding Anniversary Personalised Teddy Bear Gifts with your special message embroidered on its covering. There is a 99% chance that you won’t be dissatisfied with this service or transaction as assured by the Funkybearman that you will have the best personalised gift which would be treasured by your loved ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: