A game player: director turned back the pot smell embarrassed several seconds to anchor man lying gun Buddy you said Sunday, saying there are a lot of people around you control because SSR went to the 11 district for seimei adults, but for the control of gentleman, even in the seimei shrine will save Kong Junru the pure African descent ah! Gogok 6 even pumping uniform is all R you have seen? Well, Xiao Bian here own Tucao, fast and small series with a look this week what interesting news. A new generation of Pan Xia [back lying gun] born digital anchor seconds this week, his circle of rhythm is a wave after wave. S6 China team line head street, so many fans have broken the heart line. In particular, known as the most powerful wild director of the use of blind monk actually hit the 4396 high damage. Such a sleepwalking state was a netizen angry spray also, a lot of emotional users is to persuade the factory director retired. As to discuss the occupation league tournament, and gaming anecdotes, players discussed netizens "Baidu club back pot." it is not to let the director. In the first time, back pot it will let the factory manager for the old mascot grapefruit, became a new generation of back pot man". The post has recently changed the head of the director, of course, the Internet is not everyone in the spray director. As a former occupation player if the wind in their live in support of the director. In the live broadcast, if the wind is the director of the point "is this" and "friendship years" two songs, and several tears in the live broadcast. If the wind also said, do not want to be friends director step in their footsteps, spray to retire. In fact, you always think control director is a dream and adhere to the people, remember the director once said in an interview, "my dream is to get S series champion, but if not, it’s at least, I tried, no regrets." Jun Jun also feel that the factory manager is a great man, so many years, can not stick down to live to sell bread, there are several. If the wind tears but live on the wind’s remarks did not stop their footsteps but let the sprayer, spray will more become aggravated. Many netizens said that if the wind is in the consumption of professional players, took the opportunity to fry popular. The more extreme is released in Post Bar spray anchor digital telephone number, if the wind is one of them. After the phone number is announced, if the wind of the phone is completely exploded. Not only the number of black powder with the wind if you can log on to the site to send all the verification code, as well as black hair text messages to call greetings if the wind family. If the wind micro-blog comments screenshot if the wind is certainly not idle, angry back to the micro-blog jet black powder. If the wind said: do you think that will receive care, attention, will cause a ton of damage to me, but to be honest, just only let people itch fleas only, not to see you, take you but you never die, just a day not only a flea. However, lying gun in the S6 after the anchor is not only a panacea if the wind, and Sun Wukong two anchor for before their own set of Flag fancy lying gun. Last week, a strong support for the former OMG player LPL team at micro-blog.相关的主题文章: