Mobile-Cell-Phone Motorola Milestone is the latest Android phone that is available in the market. You shall notice first about its build quality. It can be .pared to other types of Android phones and it can be felt well than the plasticky options available from some other .panys phones. It is greatest among Motorola mobiles. This phone is prominently thin in nature than ever before and it is only 13.7mm thick which is very attractive and also it has QWERTY keyboard into that frame. When we think about its weight, it is not being too heavy but is of having a moderate weight. It has much popularity in US and it is the best Android phone now. It has the fastest marketing and thus most up-to-date device. It has the latest version Android and nice looking screen of 3.7 inch. When looking from the front, the hand set of Motorola is pretty one and it is having four touch sensitive buttons. When sliding to open the QWERTY key board, it is obvious and quickly gets in the way of typing when this phone is holding in two hands. Motorola have provided a most important hardware in there. However, we’d rather that Motorola had just made the Milestone a little bit thicker rather than adding on this extra chunk – it’s a big, big downside for the phone and we can imagine it putting a lot of people off buying the device. All people who tested this phone felt that this milestone key board is little cramped. And they realized that it has much space to hit and the lip got in the way of easy handling and easy typing. There is pleasant sliding action of the keyboard and it has a nice D-Pad. Its touch screen is of having high value and it is great for video and inter.. The head phone is 3.5mm and outside of the phone is with average buttons. On a whole, the build quality is good, it is industrial looking and the presence of gold is somewhat gambling. Motorola is having more gifts like eco friendly power cable, micro USB charger, 8GB micro SD card and Motonav soft ware on board. The Motorola Milestone latest version is Android 2.0 and it includes Googles navigation technology. The Motorola Milestone provides so many widgets to play with. It also provides YouTube that allows both search and upload to the mobile site. The power bar helps to conserve the battery and toggle things like WI FI. The widget is having Google search by default and there is a little microphone icon for Google voice search. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: