A new batch of "forest oxygen bar" Chinese Shaanxi announced the list of five units on the list of the newspaper news (reporter Zhao Hui) October 23rd, the good news in the national forestry bureau, Chinese green times held the forum of Shaanxi province forest oxygen bar, Ningdong Forest Park, Shaanxi huangbaiyuan National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Huashan national Forest Park, Shaanxi cattle Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve, Shaanxi Taibai national Forest Park on the list. Last year China’s first batch of 37 "Chinese forest oxygen bar" after the announcement, held in October 23rd Chinese Forest Bar Forum in Beijing issued the second batch of 47 companies list, including forest ecological tourism, national Forest Park, National Wetland Park, nature reserves, national parks, state forest, scenic area, 5 units in our province on the list. Plus the first list of Hanzhoung Li Ping Shaanxi scenic area, there are currently 6 "China forest oxygen bar". This selection, the organizers invited plant, ecological, landscape, tourism and other experts, the reporting unit of the natural conditions, air conditions, landscape conditions, service capacity, traffic conditions and other indicators were evaluated, especially to evaluate the concentration of negative oxygen ions, PM2.5 air particulate content, air bacteria content of forest health factor. According to the study, when the concentration of negative air ions per cubic centimeter of more than 10000, can play the role of disease prevention and cure. To the dense forest places to breathe fresh air, get rid of haze distress, access to health and health, become an urgent need for urban residents. The dense forest vegetation, the negative oxygen ions is beneficial to human health and plant essence, high concentration and fresh air, these places become a forest oxygen bar, plus the forest, landscape, ecological and humanistic beauty, health care, making it an ideal place for leisure tourism. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: the video is only the first batch of "extended reading Chinese forest oxygen bar" released相关的主题文章: