A woman suffering from domestic violence Hohhot divorce raise sick daughter – in the hope to rescue zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in September 29, Hohhot (Zhang Linhu) "in less than a year, her daughter spent all the family savings, but also owed a few million debt, is still recovering, but I have no source of income." 29, 2009, Hohhot’s single mother Li Linfeng said. In 2000, Li Linfeng was introduced to marry her husband, the same year gave birth to a daughter. However, married life is not as Li Linfeng expected. "After her husband started drinking, drunk home every time something, throwing things, I hit the child, in order to protect their children, who are often beaten black and purple together." Li Linfeng said. Li Linfeng said, initially, she thought that her husband is because of the patriarchal concept, she gave birth to her daughter dissatisfaction, so every time her husband after drinking home she chose to be finding fault. Until 2007, she gave birth to her son, her husband still did not get rid of fault with alcohol, the couple quarrel, fight has become the norm. One day in 2012, her husband come home drunk again, she began to chastise children, under intolerable to revolt, but her husband was a beaten. "On that day, my right arm was broken, the palm bone is interrupted……" Li Linfeng said, previous to the children, she made a lot of patience, but this time she was completely disappointed. With the help of a good lawyer, Li Linfeng decided to divorce. When the divorce, Li Linfeng had wanted to fight for custody of the two children, but her husband will hide his son early, only to push her daughter. Finally, the court sentenced her son to her husband, her daughter to support her husband sentenced her to a one-time compensation of 70 thousand yuan. After the verdict, the husband paid 30 thousand yuan. Li Linfeng with her daughter around touqinkaoyou, however, his life is not easy. Finally, the mother and daughter rented a house in the suburbs of Hohhot City, Li Linfeng rely on the meager income does not support the whole family. Initially, Li Linfeng working in a supermarket, less than 2000 yuan a month income is difficult to maintain the lives of both mother and daughter. Later colleagues to help me to introduce a job as a guide, the average monthly wage of 3000 yuan." Li Linfeng said that the wage increase, but the intensity of work has increased, often need to work overtime, so that they can not take good care of her daughter. In September 2015, her daughter was suddenly diagnosed with tuberculosis, Li Linfeng’s life once again suffered a heavy blow. After her daughter was ill, her ex husband came back from the field, will be owed 40 thousand yuan to her. In order to take care of her daughter, Li Linfeng had no choice but to resign. Li Linfeng said, in fact, as early as 2008, only 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Daughter had diabetes, nutrition absorption is not good, often with me to eat well into the current situation, I’m sorry kids." Li Linfeng said. At present, due to the need to take care of her daughter, Li Linfeng did not have any source of income, and her daughter’s rehabilitation costs and living expenses as a mountain she was breathless. "I hope someone can help my daughter, and when her daughter is ill, I will."相关的主题文章: