After 7 days than even more desperate is next year and work coincides with national day mid autumn festival! Yes, the holidays are always short! Watching the long holiday slip away from the fingers, not only the work but also a few bad news! Below, please be prepared! Hold on! There is no "Mid Autumn Festival" in 2017, which is the most sad news so far…… Overlap…… Fold up…… By…… Somehow not 3 days off! Okay, don’t worry about crying. After the discovery of the 2017 national day and the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the user found in the Mid Autumn Festival and national day is the same day in 2020… Tell you do not know a small partner, he will thank you! Down here too cruel! I don’t care. I’ll take 10 days off! _ Minkowski: National _ coriander, the mid autumn national day = do not want to be a chef of the doctor is not a good tailor: No, I want to even 10 days off! Gan Department point: I would like to ask in 2020 is 6 times the salary of October 1st? That year’s dream: one day holiday will not be less, a few years ago has been the case, it is estimated National Day a piece in eight days, because the mid autumn is a day off, the other is off. Summer- dream: fight…. fold… Don’t pay. Wenyi.. ah… Y: I have 3 days off, not to leave for the purpose of the holiday is bullying! Pyj77: This is a tragedy! The little bud of love: Why did you tell me the sad news so early? It’s never too late to start! Wandering in the Misol: want to born a baby, birthday birthday Mid Autumn Festival, national day, perfect! Small lion 2333: coincidence on Saturday and Sunday is enough pit, and now the two festival and the weekend coincide. Li Hanyu: the motherland "accounted for" our cheap. Is about to usher in the year ‘s longest working week is not that after the Mid Autumn Festival is a long week? Yeah, because you’ve been in class for 6 days. But! The longest working week of the year has just begun! This time, you have to take 7 days!!! This acid is cool! What! There is no long holiday in 2016…… There is also a bad news: 2016 holiday official use of the end! The rest of the year, except for the weekend, no more holidays. Want to cry? Don’t worry, you’re not finished yet. Only 83 days in 2016…… Remember, a while ago in the crazy pass "2016 left 20%" stem? Well, it’s only 83 days left in 2016, not even 20%. Say good "small target"? What’s going on? However, to say that these are just a reminder to everyone, the serious work has to work seriously, after all, there are also fun to go to work? What? Do not want to move? Do not come? You can initially diagnosed as "holiday syndrome"! Okay, not a big problem, teach you the recipe, absolute "medicine"! The legend of "post holiday syndrome" "holiday syndrome", as the name suggests, is that every time after a vacation in a series of physiological and psychological reactions. Including, physical laziness, mental fatigue, can not be put into study or work, the mind is always miss the holiday chic days…… Yeah, it’s just a lot of people.!相关的主题文章: