Learn a washing machine can also be used to cook even heard of washing laundry dry the clothes, you heard of cooking washing machine? This is not alarmist, in food circles, washing machine to process the food seems to be a very common thing. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model can not only save labor cost, but also can greatly improve the work efficiency, and simultaneously, the utility model solves the problem that the manual squeezing and drying can cause the damage of the dishes. Not wrong, the washing machine is a piece of cucumber spinach nuts we eat often do a dish, is mainly to spinach drain, ordinary families do by hand can squeeze water drain, and the restaurant because the volume is very large, they came up with a brilliant idea, is to let the washing machine shake dry to dry the function of spinach, the spinach not only dry thoroughly, and spinach in bitter juice with dry and can also be thrown out. Eat spinach nuts can actually use the washing machine to dry the crispy spinach is actually a small octopus octopus, is the hometown of a very delicious food, so how to grasp the octopus crisp, the trick even cannot do without washing machine. According to industry sources, this dish should be a important process is the octopus into the washing machine to play 45 minutes, let the octopus feels slightly hard, chuck all blooming, the dish taste and taste to be fully released. Octopus is said to be in the washing machine in turn dizzy Octopus into a vegetable in addition, there is the familiar barrel of washing machine wash crayfish etc.. See these methods, the author really let me sigh in the civil. At the same time, I can not help but doubt, use the washing machine to wash these things healthy? Some people say that we are using a new washing machine, but according to my understanding, washing machine inside material is not necessarily the level of food, so although the washing machine can bring some delicious, but use it to cook or be careful.相关的主题文章: