And the rockets! God operation contract harden but fell in defense this threshold is a piece of paper about fat to keep ahead of the Rockets Haddon Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 3rd, the NBA season will soon sounded the clarion call to review this offseason, American basketball expert Jos Con Nelson – author of China’s largest and best foreign rocket failure. The best operation: renew the harden despite last season with 47 players ranked in the positive and negative value defensive harden front, but harden offensive talent, no one can ignore, there is no doubt that he is the master league offensive player, cornerstone. Last season, harden ability of scoring and passing, the league only James and Westbrook can match with him. A European step is unrivaled arena, harden foul number each season in the League at the top of the list. If there is no rocket moment panruoliangdui, James, his dependence is probably more than any other dependence on the alliance side for their star man. Keep the rocket harden, also keep the chance to compete for the championship in the future. Of course, harden also need a true partner, magic board portfolio has failed, but the Rockets still have to renew the harden after time to find the joint with the bearded star. Don’t forget that Durant will be a free agent in 2018. The biggest flaw: no defensive reinforcement rocket this summer is very busy, they have three new starting. But their defense is worrying. They gave Anderson a fat, but the world is gone. That year, Van Gundy Anderson and Dwight Howard into gold combination, defensive deterrence is the reason of Warcraft in the basket, and expect Hatsubasa Mitoyo Capet to fill the vacancy of La Defense, probably not realistic. Moreover, the Rockets coach team did not have a good defensive coach, DAntoni has never been a good coach defensive coach. The Rockets need a coach like Clifford, who promoted the Hornets’ defense to the top five of the League last season. Although the Rockets still have Beverly, Ariza such excellent perimeter defenders, but last season, their defensive efficiency is only ranked twentieth in the league. Without the introduction of excellent defense engineers is the biggest flaw of thunder. (ACE)相关的主题文章: