"Anger" hero launch AI Jiani bold confession Wang Lei AI Ai Jiani handsome entertainment Sohu Gala dummy Sohu entertainment news by Mao Weining, directed by Zhang Tong, Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia and Ai Jiani jointly build the great war drama "hero" anger recently in Jiangsu satellite TV theatre happiness. The play, Ai Jiani played little stammer a secret admirer of Wang Lei’s Yuan Shuai, in a recent episode of bold confession of love, full of surprise. TV series "Heroes" tells the story of anger in the context of Shanghai, a group of patriotic young men and women to resist the Japanese, destroying the enemy "to poison a war, China plans to poison the story". The young actor Ai Jiani plays a small stuttering girl, whimsical, very cute, played a smoking climbing stairs has attracted a lot of drama audience’s eye. With the development of the story, she played Wang Lei, handsome love increasingly obvious in Yuan shuai1 Guan Shuang’s rejection, she comforted him, and say "in front of" metaphor expression of love to Yuan Shuai, but Wang Lei has been the little stutter as a good man, without heart and lung small just want to quietly help stammer inside Yuan Shuai, waiting at his side, so a lot of audience. It is worth mentioning that the "anger hero" in the beginning of the launch of the drama will harvest countless praise from the industry. Little actress Ai Jiani wonderful performance in play is to harvest the audience praise, many netizens said "good love this little stammer, very cute. Wang Lei: No, I want it." "Small stuttering is bright spot in the play, appeared a lot of joy."   相关的主题文章: