At the age of 45 with hydraulic stroke death donations to help 5 people received the new original title: 45 year old migrant workers died of cerebral haemorrhage in his family donated their organs to help 5 people received new donor families and relatives of Farewell – reporter Li Xiaomin Wen Pingwei photography Washington a sudden cerebral haemorrhage, took 45 year old Yang Xiansong life. Yesterday, when people got the news after the grief, for he donated liver, kidney and cornea, "he had two minor children, hope the children grow up, will feel that his father is very great." Yang Xiansong brother Yang Xianhu said with tears. Yang is Sichuan Ziyang. Many years ago, he came to Henan Weishi and live in Weishi, has been in a bottled water work. In November 13th, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, was rushed to the local county hospital, because of illness, and was transferred to the the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, but his pupil has been enlarged, after a rescue, Yang Xiansong was convicted of brain death. "Two weeks ago, my father and I have dinner together, when he asked me to learn well, told me not to be hungry." The mention of father, 14 year old Baijingyu sobbing. One side, 11 year old sister Jing Wen sob quietly. That can donate organs, Yang Xiansong’s family in grief, agreed to donate his organs. He is very caring, often participate in voluntary blood donation and other activities, if he knows, should also be happy." Yang Xianhu said. Dad’s organs donated to people in need, let others live for dad." King Wen said with tears. Yesterday, Yang Xiansong’s family signed an organ donation agreement. The same day, Yang Xiansong donated liver, kidney and cornea. "One of his liver and two kidneys were three patients with end-stage organ reborn, a pair of cornea will allow two people to see again." Chinese human organ donation coordinator Li Meng said. And Yang Xiansong has become a province of 555th cases of voluntary organ donors. According to statistics from the provincial Red Cross, as of now, the province’s total of 555 cases of citizens of organ donation after death case, a total of 1641 organ donation, organ donation were all successfully completed according to the law transplant, more than 1600 patients with end-stage organ failure, the continuity of life. According to the national health and Family Planning Commission, the province’s total number of organ donation after the death of the country’s top 6. As of September 30th this year, the province has implemented a total of 746 cases of human organ transplant surgery, 153 cases more than last year, in which citizens after the death of up to 639 cases of organ donation surgery (2015 407), accounting for the bulk of human organ transplantation. Source: Dahe – Dahe newspaper Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: