Reference-and-Education .petition is very high in every precinct of the market. Time is the most important mien for the .panies in this .petitive phase. .panies are looking for technologies which can save their time and money in a more productive manner. PLC and SCADA is one such technology which is specially designed for industrial automation purposes. PLC and SCADA is being used in most of the industries for performing various task automatically in a effective manner i.e. quality work in much less time. .panies which are using PLC and SCADA technology are making quite handsome amount of money in market as their products are available in the market in large number and are quality product. PLC and SCADA is a technology which helps industries to improve their manufacturing capabilities for the growth and progress. Increased manufacturing rate and good quality services helps .panies to maintain their brand name in the market. As a result, automation experts and professionals are having great number of opportunities in market in the present times. PLC and SCADA is a very wide field and it is very important for professionals to know each and every aspect of the technology. Well deserving PLC and SCADA professionals are getting whatever they are demanding because .panies how important it is to have a talented professional for proper functioning of the tasks in the .pany. As PLC and SCADA is a .plete technical concept and students from technical background especially engineering student’s from core branches like Instrumentation etc are considered for this job. But somehow engineering students lacks industrial automation skills. It is quite difficult for colleges to set up laboratories to train students of PLC and SCADA. Because it a very costly procedure to set a PLC and SCADA laboratory in the college campus. And when it .es to hire fresher’s for the post of automation experts, .panies wants fresher’s with extra strong technical fundamentals of automation. Just because PLC and SCADA are not being teach in the colleges, it doesn’t mean that students can’t learn these technical skills. Students can easily learn PLC and SCADA skills by joining PLC and SCADA training during their summer holidays. But for learning automation technology, students must join .pany which can really provide them industrial training on PLC and SCADA. Students must make sure that the laboratories in the .pany are having latest automation kits being used in the industries in the current scenario. The second most important things is the qualification and experience of the expert who is going to train students on PLC and SCADA. Because for quality proper facilities like latest proper laboratories and a capable trainer are required. The best time for students for upgrading them is after second year of the engineering because if student’s gets trained of PLC and SCADA before entering their third year, they can easily learn more advanced automation skills after their third year. Moreover industrial automation is a much better option for students as .pared to other career domains like tele.munication and many other. Students interested in automation sector must join PLC and SCADA training before it’s too late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: