Because the Jeep guide to the United States in the United States and China to catch up with the German SUV, Japan? Auto – Sohu Beijing time on September 27th, the new generation of Jeep guide off the assembly line in Brazil, the car will be in the fourth quarter of this year in Chinese to achieve global synchronization listing the location for the "professional level SUV" new models, intrusive 160 thousand -20 million price range. Jeep guide backing is not small, has won three China imported compact SUV sales champion, it can change the pattern of domestic market? Before the new official guide domestic, Jeep has become the domestic market of SUV of any opponent a force to be reckoned with, plus the previous red two car – free light, freedom of man, Guangzhou’s within a year to launch 3 new SUV, this car is very rare in Chinese. Jeep also makes Guangzhou’s domestic become the fastest growing car of the joint venture enterprises, 1-8 months of this year, Guangzhou Fick’s domestic car cumulative sales year-on-year growth of 302%, while domestic SUV growth rate of only 44.5%, the overall increase of passenger car less than 20%. Since the domestic brands into China, Jeep sales are soaring, is the fastest, ushered in the sales of 100 thousand units! Jeep year layout three SUV enhanced SUV strength of the United States Department of Germany, Japan, the United States Department of Chinese is joint venture car line three main game player, Korean law, even if, after the two have been far behind the top three. Chinese Automobile Industry Association latest statistics show that in August this year, German, Japanese, American, Korean and the law of passenger cars were sold 2 million 843 thousand and 400 cars, 2 million 276 thousand and 100 cars, 1 million 755 thousand and 100 cars, 1 million 43 thousand and 500 cars and 380 thousand vehicles, passenger car sales accounted for 19.69% of the total, 15.76%, 12.15%, 7.23% and 2.63%. Compared with the same period last year, Germany, Korea and the law of passenger car market share has declined, the Japanese and American Department of growth. The United States Department of market share growth can not fail to mention Jeep, due to strong light, free free man to join the war, the United States Department of SUV has exceeded Germany, plus the new guidelines, the United States Department of SUV is expected to catch up with the japanese. The main domestic joint venture SUV camp, basically concentrated between 10-30 million, annual production scale of more than 2 million cars, because 100 thousand yuan has been China brand share opportunities, and 300 thousand yuan for the majority of 7 SUV (such as Highlander, sharp boundary etc.) or luxury SUV. In the 10-30 million joint venture in SUV, according to the price of roughly can be subdivided into three piece of the market, 200 thousand -30 million yuan for the high-end market; in the end the market second camps is 16-20 million; third market segments for 10-16 million to camp; coincidentally, Jeep within one year of the three segmentation the market has changed the layout, and the success of the United States Department of vehicle power. The second camp is the biggest variable ever imported champion to be made? In these three camps, the biggest variable is the second array.相关的主题文章: