Beijing – VIDEO – bold woman driver Land Rover block the plate on the high-speed driver driving a Land Rover bold rush into danger checked block the plate on the high-speed rush into danger checked [comment] recently, the Chongqing city highway traffic enforcement Corps detachment of a team of three law enforcement officers received a warning call, Chongqing Hunan Expressway has a red Rover car block the plate, from Chongqing the direction of travel to Wulong nanchuan. Law enforcement team will guide the driver driving police vehicles to stop the emergency lane. The driver with adhesive tape covered in the license plate number, law enforcement officers ordered the driver to tear tape on the spot, to eliminate illegal behavior. After that, the driver Ms. Huang car from Guangdong to Chongqing, in order to save time, worry about being along the speed faster, speeding capture equipment to capture, and will rush into danger block part of the license plate number to avoid punishment. Finally, law enforcement officers will be brought to the driver Jiang Yuxiang high-speed water service area, in accordance with the "road traffic safety law" imposed a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 12 points penalty, then the driver will be forced to learn driving theory, passed the examination before re driving a motor vehicle. Law enforcement officers remind: self driving highway must be in strict accordance with the speed limit signs safe and civilized driving, do not block the plate of luck. Jiang Peng Xiao Jiangchuan, Chongqing相关的主题文章: