Advertising Access control system is the electronic controller that creates a strong security around the system or property. There are various benefits to install access control system as below Access control system is used to protect the system from unauthorized use. Only authorized person can access the room, building, system, parking slot etc. Access controller reduces the cost of physical human resources. As automatic teller machines do all the work in place of physical work force. Access control system is more secured and beneficial as there is no chance of losing money which can be quite possible, if the humans perform the same job in place of machines. The operation of automatic controller makes the system more streamlined than human management. Access control system gives accurate counts and measures, where there are chances of Errors in handling the same jobs by human. Access controlling system perform more than one task in a single execution like door access control system gives access to authorized entity only along with their time management, payroll management and HR related all tasks are performed by the system. Card access control system gives entry to authorized card holder only that reduces the chances of mishandling, mismanagement and corruption execution in absence of human management. Automatic access control system is one time investment with low maintenance; where as physical task force consumes more resources with high costing and .parative low work consistency. Human work force needs more attention, hard work and co-ordination to .plete the task successfully. Whereas same job is performed with access control system more efficiency for longer duration. Access control system is more reliable than human work force as it is more transparent and cannot tell lie. There are variety of access control system like door access control system , TCP/IP access control system, parking access control system, UHF RFID reader and tags etc. These all systems are programmable to perform the particular task. There are different types of door access control system. Key pad access system allows the user, who knows the pin/password to open the door. This is a traditional system used in accessing for quite a long time now. Card access control system is advanced and presently installed in many .anizations and corporate to allow the access to only the authorized card holder. Even the centralized database manages the key in and key out for particular id based on which, the employee payroll and work efficiency can be measured successfully. Biometric finger print access controller is the most advanced access control which permits the right person only to get access of the system. It works on the principal that each human has unique fingerprint which cannot be matched with any other human on the earth. Thus once the system configured to allow the fix fingerprint to access the door, that person only can access the system through his/her finger print. Parking access control system is a new way of automatic parking and revenue collection system, where it doesn"t need the human and very low chance of generating chaos in parking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: